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  1. Oh, I see you a man of culture as well. Yes, you completely right about probabilities, 0.1875 which I was using is for x>=1 (and even for that case it was calculated wrong), so i can't just add x>=2 to it. I was using >= everywhere, going to fix it right now. However, you also made some mistakes. Probability for single IV is not 1/31, its 1/32, since IV range from 0 to 31. And you forget 7% flee chance after a rock throw, and, most importantly, GTL fee (and also safari zone entry fee). Updated guide, and it appears, with correct math, ditto farming is actually became more profitable, than field group farming, hooray!
  2. Great work! Here is some additions/corrections I noticed: - If anyone wondered how daycare works, here is how: pokemon in there getting 20% of all exp from battles in the same region. - Feebas tiles changes every 45 minutes, not 30. - Berries increase friendship by flat 10% no RNG there, also, any non-disliked flavor will do, you don't have to choose exactly preferred one. Disliked flavor will decrease friendship by the same 10%, which is actually useful, when training pickup munchlax to avoid accidentally evolving it, may add as useful advice. - Never use great balls or ultra balls in ditto catching, they much worse cost-wise, than poke balls or repeat balls, always choose between this two. - You can buy metronomes (which is used for some important move tutoring, like hyper voice) and wide lens (which is useful to farm hordes with rock slide, heat wave... and even sometimes in competitive) in Sinnoh game corner. This is the only place where you can buy them directly for much cheaper cost, than for BP from battle facilities, I didn't know about it for long time, this place easily missable, so it would be nice to add it somewhere in this guide.
  3. Farming in Kindle Road is definitely a bad idea, but route 5 worked great for me, i got like 7 amulet coins in 1 hour (yes, after that update), maybe you just got unlucky.
  4. They forgot to update Covet description, it is actually works the same as thief, so you can OHKO and still get the item.
  5. Started berry farming recently, it is actually quite meditative and doesn't require as much time and attention, as I expected.
  6. I haven't build a specialized team for gym rematches yet, and my NU team is just too weak to rematch them fast, so I rarely do them. I am not into grinding too much, so 2 amulet coins with 6 hours break between them for trainer rematches is enough for my needs by now. I don't like being on timer, so berry farming is not for me. I'd say all methods are close to each other in terms of tediousness, however gym and e4 reruns and battle frontier requires more dedication and attention, which is kinda more exhausting, than other methods. In long term repeating only one method over and over again might became too boring, so i recommend switching methods periodically. Also, i wasn't calculating time for all three methods of ditto farming, only the slowest one, so it might be a bit more profitable with assist tactic, than field group, especially if selling boxes directly, saving on GTL fee.
  7. If e4 member have flash fire pokemon, then i can't use Chandelure, If they have ghost, then i can't use Clefable and if they have both, then i use Shuckle. After deciding which pokemon to lead with I check what i am setting up against, if it's physical attacker and I don't use shuckle, then I use X Defend on turn 1 (X Sp Defense if shuckle against special attacker). Either way I use minimize asap, then healing/substitute if needed, calm mind if opponent using special moves, else minimize until +6 then calm mind until +6, using substitute/healing when needed, then just sweep. In case of Shuckle you use power split turn 1, which effectively halves opponent attacks, after which they often switch, which is a free turn. If you used power split on special attacker, then you can use it again, when physical attacker comes into play, to maximize your damage, also can use X Accuracy to avoid missing with rollout.
  8. You probably missed this Ace trainer (unless it was intentional).
  9. I was farming in Cerulean Cave, when Raichu just appeared before me, I instantly checked time - 11:45:00 (local), I decided to not catch last Raichu to measure precise lifetime of a swarm, it disappeared exactly in 12:05:00. So it's 20 minutes, and I suppose, that swarms appear only on minutes divisible by 5 (00, 05, 10...). So you can check TVs every 5 minutes.
  10. Money Making Methods Comparison This guide will list all possible money making methods with income shown in k/hour (or other time period for cooldown methods). Many methods here are not listed in any other guides, they will also include "how to" explanation if needed. I will assume Battle Points to pokedollars conversion as 1 to 15, taking ability pill as a reference point (2250 BP = 35000$, 1 BP = 15.56$). Time taken to execute each method assumed for average player without using crazy speed-running tactics. Items and pokemon costs might change drastically from what were listed in the guide, i will try to keep them up to date, but if you want to know current income of any particular method, you can simply insert new cost in the final formula listed in the end of the method description and calculate it by yourself, don't forget to subtract GTL (Global Trade Link) fee (all methods in this guide assumes selling in GTL, direct trade will make slightly more money). If you know any methods, not mentioned here, or find mistakes in the guide, let me know in the comments. Credits to the Money Making Guide, which inspired me to make my own: Methods with Cooldown This methods are prioritized if you want to make maximum profit, however trainer rematches get outdone by some Unlimited Methods, so it's not recommended to spend more than one hour on each cycle. Amulet coin cost is assumed to be 20k. Gym Rematches 420k/day While having level 100 pokemon in your party, each gym leader gives you around 9000$ on average, for 33 gym leaders (-Giovanny, +Chili, Cress, Cilan), this will result in ~300k total, or 450k with amulet coin. It takes around 1.5 hours for prepared player with good team to rematch all gyms, so i am reducing final income by the 1.5 costs of the amulet coin (20k x 1.5 = 30k). This will result in 280k/hour, which, despite cooldown, might be important to compare with other methods. For more information and teams examples follow this guide and associated guides, listed inside it. Trainer Rematches 300k/6 hours Credits to Trainer Rematch Guide. Don't forget to rematch Cynthia in Undella Town (Unova) each day in the spring and summer seasons (seasons changes every month). In 1st Amulet Coin i was able to make ~195k (which results in 175k/hour), in 2nd ~140k (120k/hour), 3rd and consecutive amulet coins will provide even smaller amount of moneys, due to low trainer rewards at this point, so i don't reccomend doing more than 2. Read spoiler for the list of trainers i fought: Note: Morimoto rematchable only once per day, so on the second cycle income will be lower. Elite Four Rematches 440k/6 hours Rematching E4 with regular team might end in spending more moneys, then getting, due to lack of free healing between fights. But there is one OP tactic banned in competitive, but allowed in PvE - evasion. I am using next pokemon for my rematches: Blissey will also work, but you may try literally any bulky pokemon with Double Team. This tactic still don't eliminate item's using completely, but minimize (pun intended) them as much as possible, i am using X Defend or X Sp. Def (for Shuckle) at the beginning of some battles, depending on the pokemon i am setting up against, and healing items, when something goes wrong due to RNG. This results in around 40k spendings per full run. Each Champion gives 66k at level 100, resulting in 99k with amulet coin, this method is quite slow due to long setup, so it takes around 2 hours to rematch them all, you also getting 2k BP from each E4. Final formula: 400k - 40k - 40k + (8k BP x 15 = 120k) = 440k. 220k/hour. Leppa Berry Farming 180k/day Check Berry Farming Guide if you don't know how it works in this game. Leppas are most wanted berries, so it's easy to sell them all, don't forget you can use trade chat and sell them directly to avoid GTL fee. I am assuming all berry patches in both Unova and Hoenn are used (189 total). I planting both leppa and berries, that provides seeds for leppa (rawst, pecha, cheri) at the same time, I use ratio of 27 rawst, 27 pecha, 57 cheri, 78 leppa which is as close to self-sufficient as possible, but you still have to sell extra and buy missing seeds in GTL. If you REALLY like berry farming, you can create several characters and farm on all of them, in that case I recommend to exclude Hoenn patches, since they are too small and far away from each other, this will result in 150k income per harvest. All time combined to plant, water and harvest berries results in around 20 minutes, which gives this method an effective rate of 450k/hour. Also, check watering guide for efficient farming. Unova Story Rerun 1000k/run To farm berries on several characters you have to unlock farming spots on that characters first. And redoing story on new character is actually pretty worth it, especially with prepared pokemon mailed from main character. And best region for it is undoubdetly Unova, since it has 2 exp. shares and, most importantly, mentioned berry farming spots. For this run you should skip as much trainers as possible (since money they give are not worth spening time) and collect all items and hidden items, except for the ones, that are too far away from story route or too cheap. It will take around 5 hours, after some training, and thus result in ~200k/hour. Unlimited Methods Thief/Covet Banette believed to be the best pokemon for this methods, make sure it have Frisk ability. Fossils Farming 180k/hour Credits to This Guide for Kanto Island 1, i was using this method, due to Dome Fossil and Old Amber being quite high priced, compared to other fossils. Final Formula: 5.2 * (Helix + Dome) + 3.9 * Old Amber + 6.5 * Hard Stone + 13 * Everstone Turnback Cave 170k/hour By breaking rocks in Turnback Cave you can get Sinnoh fossils and everstones, and also encounter rare Spiritomb. Considering how many there in small area and you don't even need to wait until respawn - this is one of the best rocksmash farming spots. But don't forget, that rocks before first Pillar do not contain pokemon. Final Formula: 4.3 * (Armor + Skull) + 10.1 * Everstone + 5.76 * Spiritomb + 19500$ Amulet Coin 170k/hour Main method of farming them is using Sweet Scent on Kanto Route 5 to summon Meowth Hordes. There is also Mankey hordes, run from them, even if your Frisk pokemon shown an item, this Payapa Berries not worth your time. Final Formula: 8.6 * (Amulet Coin + Quick Claw) Lucky Egg (Small) 140k/hour Due to recent patch, farming from Hordes became harder, since at level 34 Pelipper learns Fling, which most of the times nullify your efforts of trying to thief lucky egg, to prevent it you have to teach your Banette Imprison and Fling, by using Imprison it will stop all Pelippers from using Fling. I was farming at Ever Grande City (Hoenn) from single encounters, but most of the other locations have the same chance of encountering a Pelipper. Final Formula: 3.15 * Lucky Egg (Small) + 6.3 * (Damp Rock + Pretty Wing) + 11.7 * Poison Barb Mt. Coronet (Grass) 140k/hour Absol have a chance of holding Life Orb, which is very valuable, out of all locations it appear, this one shown to be the best, due to many additional valuable items, including Soothe Bell. Kanto Power Plant 115k/hour Muk have a chance of holding Toxic Orb, which is very valuable, out of all locations it appear, this one shown to be the best, due to many additional valuable items, including Light Ball. Final Formula: 0.45 * Toxic Orb + 3.6 * Light Ball + 37000$/hour Heart Scale 105k/hour I used Ever Grande City location (Hoenn) to farm them, but there is actually not much difference between locations in all four regions, so you can use any. Final Formula: 23.5 * Heart Scale + 7.8 * Red Shard Sky Pillar 100k/hour Every pokemon here, except for the Golbat, may hold something (and Altaria, but you won't meet it, if you farm on the 1st floor), and many of this items are quite valuable. Leftovers Farming 85k/hour Wild Snorlax may hold Leftovers, but they are rare (~5%) to encounter (only in Cerulean Cave). I tested it on the Mewtwo's floor of Cerulean Cave. Also, wild Munchlax have 100% chance to hold Leftovers, but only way to encounter it - is Honey Trees with 1% chance. Cost of Leftovers is around 40k by the moment of writing this section. Lunatone/Solrock 85k/hour I thought that Comet Shard might make this worth while, but it's chance appeared to be too low. Anyway it's still better, than some believed-to-be-good methods. I used hordes in Meteor Falls after waterfall on 1F and B1F for Lunatone and Solrock respectively. Petalburg Woods 73k/hour Same as with Lunatone/Solrock, I thought Big and Balm Mushrooms from Shroomish might make it worth while. Don't forget, that you can use Tiny and Big mushrooms for move relearning at Kanto Island 2. Pick Up + Pay Day Check this Pick Up Guide for more information. From all the research, I made for that guide, I came to a conclusion that chance of Pick Up is not 10%, but rather depends on the total number of possible pick ups in the location, I believe it is 1% per each item. Covet + Pick Up + Pay Day 170k/hour Executed by fishing in Undella Bay, use Covet on Luvdiscs you encounter to steal heart scales and payday on everything else. Even max Attack level 100 Meowth is not enough to OHKO most Shellders with Pay Day, so you have to use Munchlax in order to maximize your profit. Final Formula: 18 * Heart Scale + 100k Undella Bay 150k/hour Even max Attack level 100 Meowth with Choice Band is not enough to OHKO each pokemon in this location with Pay Day, so you have to use Munchlax in order to maximize your profit. Berry Forest 115k/hour Despite being believed as the best Pick Up location, Berry Forest is actually worse, than Undella Bay. Yes, you can Pick Up Leftovers here, but all others pick ups are much less worthy, than ones in Undella Bay, which also have higher Pick Up chance overall. Battle Points Farming I am assuming Battle Points to pokedollars conversion as 1 to 15, taking ability pill as a reference point (2250 BP = 35000$, 1 BP = 15.56$) Hoenn Battle Frontier 140k/hour Read this Battle Frontier Guide for more information. According to my research, all battle facilities and modes have around the same rewards progression, except for Battle Factory, which have x1.5, but it is too random to farm reliably. Also Multi and Link battles have slightly higher rewards, but i don't know to what extent. Level 100 feels to have slightly higher rewards than level 50, but I am not sure. Each set of 7 battles takes me 13 minutes on average (when using ultra-offense team), if you manage to hold streak for long enough, you can make around 60m / 13m * 2000 BP = 9230 Battle Points per hour, which converts into ~140'000$/hour. PvP Matchmaking 20k/hour I wouldn't count seasonal rewards, since they are limited. Each match can last for unpredictable amount of time, but I will assume 15 minutes for ultra-offense team. For win you getting 500 BP and for lose - 150 BP, with 50% winrate you will be making 60m / 15m * (500 + 150) / 2 = 1300 BP/hour which converts into ~20'000$/hour. Kanto Battle Tower 0k/hour Since you don't get healed after each fight and, therefore, have to use potions and revives, and opponents using strongest pokemon from the start, it is impossible to reliably make moneys here. Legendary Hunting ?k/hour Read This for more information about Legendary pokemon in PokeMMO. Each time you win in a battle for a Legendary (either attacking or defending), you getting 1000 BP. Since this method is very unreliable and depends on many random factors, I can't calculate income for it. Team "MGod" is known for actively hunting for legendaries and passing them inside the team. Fastest way to pass a legendary is to wait until timer ends (1 minute) without making a turn. If we assume perfect conditions, this will result in 60'000 BP per hour for a team, which converts into 900k/hour. Breeders Hunting Safari Magikarp Farming 120k/hour Safari gives you 30 balls for 500$, which is super cheap and helps if you completely broke and can't or wont rematch trainers for some reason. I tested this method in Kanto Safari, but it should also work in Hoenn and Black March. You have 100% catch rate after throwing rock, and they rarely flee after it. Ditto Farming 100k/hour I know 3 major ways of Ditto farming: Setting a lead, Using Substitute (Transform fails into Substitute, but have only 10 PP, so rarely Ditto may start struggling), and the best: using Assist while having a pokemon in the party, that only knows Spore and Moves, that cannot be called by Assist. It is widely discussed, what is better to use: Poke Balls or Repeat Balls to catch Dittos? The answer varies with the cost of Dittos and also depends if you selling them thru GTL or by direct trade. If Dittos are cheap and you using GTL, then its better to use Poke Balls. But if Dittos costs much, or you selling boxes directly, then it's slightly better to use Repeat Balls. Either way difference is not much, around 5k/hour. Field Group Farming 95k/hour I used to farm in Unova Route 1, which have 100% field group encounter with 255 catch rate each (which means you have 99% chance to catch with Poke Ball after just False Swipe). This is one of the best money making methods available to new players early on, since they can't rematch Gyms and wealthy trainers yet. Other Methods There are quite obscure or unreliable methods here, just to be mentioned. Phenomena Hunting ~60k/hour Read This about how Phenomena works in PokeMMO. In perfect conditions Phenomena happens twice every 15 minutes, but in reality many didn't get noticed even in Chinese channels, so income will be lower, but what is special about this method, is that you can combine it with most other methods, distracting to visit Phenomena and coming back to original method after it. Each Phenomena gives you Mysterious Gem if you caught or defeated pokemon within it, dust clouds may provide you with Unova fossils instead (this is the only way to get them). Mysterious Gem might be used for Elemental Gems crafting or sold for around 9k. Many pokemon that appears only in Phenomena can also be sold for good price. Shiny Hunting ~45k/hour Sounds unbelievable, but you can actually make moneys of shiny hunting. I will use Rapidash hordes in Unova Route 12, just as an example, since it is very popular spot for Speed EV-training and Leveling. It takes me 2 minutes on average to run from 6 Rapidash hordes (Sweet Scent PP Maxed of course) and replenish PP in pokemon center. This results in 180 hordes per hour or 900 encounters total. Cost of shiny Rapidash is around 1.5 millions. As we know chance of shiny is 1 to 30k, so this will result in 45k/hour on average, or 50k/hour with donator status (shiny charms will increase your income only by ~170$ each or ~80$ for 5%). Starting Up A Service ?k/hour EV-Training, Leveling and Breeding are the major services provided by other players in PokeMMO. Prices are varies widely, so it's hard to name any exact numbers. But overall, from what I've seen, their services are quite cheap, resulting in around 80k/hour for EV-Training and Leveling up to 50, and 50k/hour for Leveling up to 100. Breeding might give you up to 100k/hour, including breeding for selling in GTL. GTL Flipping ∞k/hour Buying cheap and selling for more later, in case of some cosmetics might give you huge moneys if you know what you are doing. For more information read This.
  11. Celestial Tower is also duplicated. And this is it, i am done with this guide.
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