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  1. Maybe it is gonna return after a couple of years. Fancy cosmetic
  2. + Show whether a Pokemon does not need to be healed on Poke center via a background color on its icon without have to look into his sheet. It shows if the specific party Pokemon has fullfiled PP and has not status problem and of course full life. So its not necessary to heal it on PC again. + Show shinies incoming over chat like: "[PlayerName] found a [Shiny Link] at channel [x] and location [y].
  3. Looks like passed 2h from 3h for maintenance, I am thinking if it's worth sleep or play. Here it's 02:13 AM. Was going to play only 1h. Ill probably shut up, good night for every one!
  4. Also could be good to have a historic just to check which transactions with players/gtl/stores/bank you have made.
  5. Replace prices and listings from central to right corner. Give a happy visual to the central area - some people is more visually centred than numbers and names. Replace the search from the central to left corner. To the left side down the search, give categories in blocks (Pokemons, Cosmetics, Medicines, Miscellaneous) instead of only Pokemons and Items. For central, show the Create Listing maybe. *Though, make it all simple and fast, for help those who are worried with speed. Dont allow someone buy a item for a price that isnt at the lowest price. Only show the lowest price of a specific item listing also show the prices from the lowest to highest. Rework the incoming listings that Snipers are set and give more safety. Put a asterisk * if not at lowest price. Or, give a check box to dont show incoming that are not at lowest. For example: we have a Yellow Shard at 3,000, but someone put it at 3,200 (not the lowest), add a asterisk * on it or not show it. Because its not at the lowest. Keep up with the yellow and red colors feature, it is good. Give colors to gtl UI, give images. Also, for the new listings, give a minute of waiting before buy them, so can give a chance to more people make your thoughts or literally call a friend to help click, so the first clicking person can buy it after the hold time. Like, someone sold a Red Flaming skull for 50m could be helpful for more people compete for get it.
  6. Give priority for items like: 1. Last item gave to a Pokemon hold from bag, like a berry or another disposable item, that you might regive it repeating. Example: On Halloween I had to regive a Air balloon every beginning of a rematch. The way I found it was using Search function, but would be helpful find it on top of items list. 2. Last item used on a Pokemon on a going battle, like X Attack, Revive, Pokeball, etc. Example: On Halloween I've to use lots of X Attacks and I had to refind it from a huge list of items. Could be helpful give some priority for items on bag.
  7. We spend 5 pp every three-horde. And spend 5 pp every five-horde. My proposal is change the charge from 5 pp to 3 pp every three-horde. So you can find 30 Pokemons on 3-hordes (10 encounters) and 30 Pokemons on 5-hordes (6 encounters) spending only 30 pps no matter which x-horde is, and having left 2 pp as usual.
  8. Make Sweet Scent spend 1 pp per Pokemon found, like, spend 3 pp if find a horde of 3 and 5 if find a horde of 5.
  9. Hello people! I am offering my level up service up to level 100. I would be so happy to do this for you. My identity in game: MightyMichele I am playing everyday, so I can level up any Pokemon soon, I give you guarantee that I will send it to you from between 24h and 48h counting from the date of my reception. Instructions: Send a email to MightyMichele, containing a Pokemon to be leveled and the money. Ill email you back informing that I received the Pokemon and Ill return free the 2k of email fee together. The client doenst pay taxes. **It does not include EV training. If I get a email with a Pokemon non fully EV trained I will have to return it to the sender and will not give free fees of email** Price table: From lvl 30 to lvl 100: 115K. From lvl 50 to lvl 100: 100K. From lvl 60 to lvl 100: 90K. From lvl 65 to lvl 100: 80K. From lvl 70 to lvl 100: 70K. From lvl 75 to lvl 100: 60K. From lvl 80 to lvl 100: 50K. From lvl 85 or above it: 30K. I'm leveling any pokemon with any exp. curve so it does not matter for me if a pokemon require more exp. to level up than other. Have a good day ☺️, afternoon 🌞or night🌚, depending on your country!
  10. The staffs are the rare ones item from the Pumpking bag. Recently, people sell the staffs more often that they buy due to the big amount of staffs listed and price constantly dropping. At my concern, for those who doesn't have a staff, can wait some days before buy it. The tendency is that they are going cheaper, as there is 220 staffs listed. For those who have got some staffs and don't know what to do, the tendency is that they are going to drop. So, for short term money gain, you can sell them before they decrease. For long term, you hold them so they can increase, but it's uncertainty, though depends on the market. In my personal opinion, I am keeping with me 10 staffs, though it may be not the best profit for short term.
  11. That would be nice, talk with pp at the same region and not necessarily channel. On chat, show the channel the person is right his name: {KANTO} Mighty Michele (5): Text. Text. Text. Text.
  12. The same difficulty happened with the Halloween pumpking ability suppression, just couldn't remember which Pokemon had its ability suppressed, and the only way to figure it out was see the battle logs, and there is so many logs and I get lost. There would be helpful a indicator of ability suppression icon
  13. When a item is frisked and happens a distraction maybe the text displayed is missed and can ran away from the battle without thief the item that wasnt notice. the only way to verify that is reading the battle logs. Make a remanescent indicator that Frisk ability detected 1x, 2x 3x, just to avoid mistakes like that
  14. Hello, I'd like to suggest to make all of the services from PC (email& gtl fees) do not charge instantly and send a monthly fee of all activities, so if not paid block the PC from the user until he pays for it. Also, I'd like to suggest a additional size for secret bases, pay for increase the room size. For fit dozens of people
  15. Add a ball that catches + effectively on safari for a additional PokeYen fee talking to a guard somewhere on safari. This is for help those that are worried about the shinies.
  16. Add a secondary shiny colored Pokemon for every specie for make them have 2 colors of shiny possible, like Salamence green and red. And when breed you cant change the color from 1 to 2 or vice versa, the color is permanent for future breeds, but if breed both colors together same specie it can be random. Would make the shiny collection more diverse and boost the shiny hunt. The hd mod could eventually get updated with the new colors add, as many people use this mod.
  17. The riches charm and the amulet could stack at 100% though the Amulet Coin is 50% and Riches Charm 75%, but together make a 100% that could be a rule of maximum bonus. It would make people socialize to make money and make more money.
  18. So one speak English the other will read in Spanish and vice versa. Awesome idea. Though, I prefer that the devs work on deliver new features for the events, like Halloween or Lunar. Its possible to talk with foreigners using Google Translator so you not a big deal.
  19. Yeah, I support a pvp where it's permitted to use full restore or revives, though these are given virtually "for free", like 1 or 2 added items on bag
  20. Yes Ive miswroted about Halloween, though I wanted to say something that is a positive to a person not stop from playing: the events. I think most of people is not going to stop from playing, but will play much more. Sorry if pvp doesnt work like you think is best. I don't understand much about PVP yet. Let's go for a battle in game call me MightyMichele I had used once King's Rock I like this item 11.4% for flinching, good item. I don't understand why its banned, though I'm not good on understand pvp rules.
  21. When the NPC says: you've came just in right time. The egg belongs you. Do you want it? - Yes. - No. Make him ask if you want to keep the egg with yourself or deliver via email to someone else for a cost of 1k (same price of email with Pokemon). So you never get the egg, the egg will be delivered to a friend for a fair cost
  22. --- [deleted bymyself] Someone can think for itself if its worth playing or not.
  23. Hello people! I am already enjoying having the colors implemented, there is no evidence that it's dictating the price. I think you guys are overthinking about it.
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