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  1. Everyone is so happy! Nice update, Devs! 😲 Ladies and gentlemen, Prepare to be amazed on PokeMMO 10th Anniversary! πŸ‘€πŸ₯³πŸ™ŠπŸ₯³ (Can't wait to see the event limited vanities!!!β€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈβ€οΈ)
  2. @Kyu I wish health and good energy for all PokeMMO dev team. We are worried about this patch. I hope every thing can go well. [spoiler] Capybara eating a healthy food. [/spoiler]
  3. Nope, you were absolutely right about it. I had to correct myself there to clarify my idea. 1. I said no more than 13 days because that would turn from a few days to a few weeks. 2 As well I said at least 7 days based on Kyu historic. When he released Part 1 he sent out a status update saying that Part 2 was going to happen in a week or 10 days my memory might be failing. I hope you can understand my point and thank you for your response I found that very interesting.
  4. Thank you πŸ’•. You have a point. There hasn't been 6 days though.
  5. Yes, this sentence is not wrong. Both 11th and 20th Anniversary are unknown. The 10th Anniversary is real 😊. This has been responded recently by Kyu: Hire more would mess with the quality of the MMO we known for be very functional and enjoyable. I appreciate the devs for their results. They got to push back the event but they are working hard on it and they didn't mean to disappoint anybody, they got issues and they said they are resolving it. We need to understand that and wait.
  6. Calm down guys, A few days can mean no more than two weeks (that would be a few weeks then). It has been 5 days only. πŸ™Š The 10th Anniversary is a real thing and we are only a few days next to it. Some pictures of the event interface have been leaked on first update, which brings lots of cool long-term features: iOS, rotation battles, and H.A to Darmanitan, moveset fixes and some generic fixes. Think positively, the developers got more time to prepare the event. I'm expecting a response from Kyu on Wednesday to provide us the day to the release of Part 2 (because last time he said it would be in a week). Let's be patient.
  7. Didn't work. I have added the signature there and saved but it's not showing my Signature in my comments
  8. You guys did greatly setting up the legendary system, it's very balanced who can catch it with all of the players. If you give a legendary to one specific player for a long time could make other feel jealous about it. I wish one day there is something else to do with the legendary. Thanks
  9. Every day people get more anxious with life, want things instantly and they can't appreciate things for it's time.
  10. Hello! I don't know you but I wish you the best ❀️ it seems like a lot of people is going to miss you, I wish love to everyone and a happy life . 😊
  11. It seems like they want to work on Part 1 before release Part 2 to avoid stability issues during the gameplay of the event. They got lots of issue on iOS and everything from Part 1 so we forgot that Kyu could delay it because of the issues. May 9 by Kyu: Part 1. The major, fragile changes will occur before the event. This will be our launch of the open beta iOS client, general changes like moveset updates, bug fixes, and a large suite of scripting changes to help us support future regions. Part 2. A few days later, after we're sure that the game's not completely busted, the event will start Part 3. Finally, after the event ends, a new permanent feature will launch. We'll keep that one a surprise for now... Kyu on June 14: Event pushed back a few days while we continue work on bug fixes and features. Thanks for understanding A few days later.
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