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  1. Guys, I understand that it is possible to find a friend in pvp matchmaking and watch his battle, but it would make easier if a friend is able to search for me in his friend list and just send a watch duel invite and I will accept it, or refuse. Also, it is interesting to know who is watching the battle in a list there in battle. A list in one sides of the names of guys who are watching. For safety I think when a friend is watching a battle and in there in a watch list it cannot send messages to one of the battle guys, so it cant help it. And of course add a
  2. Guys, I find that a IA battle computer vs. computer using player's team would be fun and it is possible that we can figure out strategies that we didn't know. (we can only watch, not control the Pokemons right). Also, I find interesting to have money bet in duel invites, where a player can bet little amount of money, like 5k, 10k or 20k max. And the foe can refuse the money deal, but accept the duel anyway, no money will be envolved. With love, <3 Michele :3
  3. Hello :D I thought about with a click in a player's message text area makes every message from him above colored to random color to make easy moderate his message (I want to read all of his messages in global). Ex.: I clicked in Marco's message text and Steve's message text, their messages will have a color highlight. That's a good tool for moderators also. With love, <3 Michele :3
  4. You are so intereting :3 Count with me in list plz :D
  5. do you have a pic of it? I already own a Pharao's Headdress but I don't use it because it is for men. Cleopatra is feminine sweetheart. With love, <3 Michele :3
  6. Guys, could we see a Cleopatra Headdress one day to be equivalent with Pharao's Headdress? It would be very cool with a snake in front, like this picture: https://imgur.com/JJ3Ip3N (cleopatra with a hat and a snake) Edit link fix https://postimg.cc/JyxcLYzZ
  7. I've just met Roberto but I am afraid about forgetting who is he next time I talk to him. Because it has happened a lot, and it would be of some help if we could add notes about each friend, just like: [username - Notes]: Roberto, he is from Italia etc. I would like to suggest also to color the nicknames in green in nearby people list: Click Community -> Nearby Players -> List of nearby players -> Color green friends in there in list (currently not colored). Preferrably, order the list by friends in first place. It might help when there is much players around and loca
  8. In Lunar event, two players can enter together in a wild encounter battle if it is spawn in a distance near both players. When it happens, instead of 1 Pokemon is found, it is 2 pokemons, which is fair. If developers can copy the code already done, could they bring it to the normal history wild encounters? I remember when I was passing through Rock Tunnel me and my friend had Flash but I couldn't see his flash and he couldn't see my flash. Could also configure the game to make a flash share if two players are in the same link? And I was curious to know if can we catch a
  9. I was curious to know about a prize for pvp, I think about a temporary cosmetic for a tournament that occurs once in a year: Which, Tounament that occurs in a year for rank Over used - prizes could be a temporary cosmetic: 1 place: top cosmetic that expires in 1 year (and will be given to the next winner) 2 place: top 2 cosmetic that expires in 1 year (and will be given to the next winner) 3 place: top 3 cosmetic that expires in 1 year (and will be given to the next winner) 4 place to 20 place: popular cosmetic that expires in 1 year. For other
  10. MightyMichele


    That is nice to mention. I personally prefer the current duel mode, despite I think we could have both kinds of duel invite just for fun. But I don't know, the current duel is fair.
  11. I've been playing this for some time I ve collected some ideas to improve the game experience and bring new ideas. I think the game is fine, but it can be improved always. Those are my suggestion: - add overlight text color to Pokemons with perfect IV 31/31/31/31/31/31. A color or a icon, to indicate its a perfect IV pokemon. - Poke Center recover loop unintentionally: it is super ergonomic that Pokemmo has a functionality to hold button A and it is gonna click turbo. But even with this functionality, when we hold A we can loop in poke center NPC to recover infinite times and it
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