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  1. Team Name: Lost Gods Tag Team: [LÔST] Registered Players: Facursa, ElUbermensch, XueRuo, Diegoperezzz, NeroDR, RottenCorpse, MrXehanort, Bluedewww, SoumaYukihira, LeoTsb, RevenanZ. Team Captain: LeoTsb.
  2. ING: MrXehanort Country: El Salvador. Tiers: UU. Discord: Xeha#1493
  3. Team Name: Lost Gods Tag Team: [LÔST] Registered Players: AARROONN, ManoelAdille, Ryuner, marioarcanine, JuniorLH, TheMarziken, LeoTsb, NeroDR, RottenCorpse, MrXehanort, diegoperezzz, ElUbermensch, Facursa, TomaselioMP, ElíasHD, XueRuo, SoumaYukihira. Team Captain: LeoTsb.
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