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  1. (ING: YJos) An unusual story... I think. Five years ago I met Mew, I remember it like it was yesterday, while I was walking on a picnic with my togepi, we were together eating sandwiches and one minute mew appeared, he seemed to be a little hungry, so I gave him one of the sandwiches he had, togepi did not like the idea (it is very gluttonous), but still the 3 of us became good friends. Every now and then we made trips to different regions, mew always filled with joy and made every trip a unique experience, but everything changed six months ago when we traveled to the region of Alola, I still remember that on our penultimate night we saw the sky light up so majestically that we were all surprised, it was a rain of miniors descending from the stratosphere, mew was very friendly and almost immediately became good friends with one of those miniors, they played and laughed for a whole day, and when night came the armor of minior was broken, everything seemed fine, minior and mew said goodbye with a smile... I didn’t know that would be the last mew smile I’d ever see, when minior ascended into space mew saw it fade away and knew that "see you soon" wouldn’t happen. Since then mew is no longer the same, his smile and attitude faded, I tried to help him get them back, but every attempt was futile, so I thought "the last time I saw him laugh, it was with a pokémon, I hope they can help me get his smile back". I talked to many, of all the species I could find, and we agreed to have a big meeting that Pokémon from all regions would attend to do everything they could to make mew the same again. The day came, Pokémon from all regions attended the meeting, along with my togepi we enjoyed singing and dancing a lot, so we thought that might make mew happy again, so many prepared acts, choreographies, songs that would even make the famous Paul laugh out loud. We had a strong start, a group of ludicolos danced an impressive choreography while the rain fell to more powerless accompanied by the sounds of drums coming from the polywrath and snorlax, I still remember that the song was a composition of the songs Singing In The Rain & Umbrella, but even with that impressive display of art, they couldn’t get mew to regain his smile. Then, a group of Primarinas delighted almost everyone present with a song that seemed made by the angels while the Bellossom danced to the sound of such a symphony, but as I said, it did not reach everyone, mew was still indifferent. Togepi and I only exchanged worried glances for mew, but we knew that only Pokémon could do what would restore mew to its joy. A trio of Jynx was particularly good, they danced to the song single ladies, nobody expected it, it surprised us all, well, not all, mew was still discouraged. A group of hariyama and dusknoir who came from hoenn, danced a good piece of jazz, the control of their hands and the choreography itself left everyone ice cold, was very good, although mew still did not answer. Then, we went to something a little more strange, the Mr. Mime did the robot dance very good, although it seemed more a comedy than a dance, hahaha, I laughed a lot, but mew not yet... They followed the dratinis, dragonair and dragonite, with their dance so elegant and ephemeral they left everyone with their mouth open, I seemed to see that brightness that had mew in their eyes back, but it was only my imagination, still sad. Almost at the end, a group composed of butherfree, beautifly, venomoth and a volcarona that led them all, danced their wings with such grace that we all looked at them in silence, while a sweet scent overflowed throughout the room and ashes fell off the wings of volcarona, but mew showed no sign of happiness. There were no more numbers, I thought that all that show had been useless, but I was wrong, in the end, in a corner was a magikarp, I did not think I attended to do something, because it was quiet at all times, but in the end he went to the center of the room and said he was going to do what he could best do... splash, the magikarp moved and moved, we all thought it was funny, he even said "enjoy the splash dance” we were all laughing beyond our power, it was such a grace that I did not notice that mew got up from his chair and looked intently at the magikarp, and as little by little he regained his smile, his joy his way of being, From one moment to the next mew moved across the hall brimming with joy as he was the first day I met him, when magikarp finished his dance I approached him and asked him "How did you do it? I tried a thousand ways and I could never have the slightest advance" He said, "sometimes we want to do more than we can, I think mew felt helpless for not being able to save his minior friend, I just wanted to remind him that there are things we can’t control, we all have a limit to what we can do, but don’t think about what we can’t do, but what we can, I think mew now knows that even though minior can’t laugh, he can still do it for both of us." , that magikarp day gave me a valuable lesson and we all applauded that fish who could do what we all thought impossible. Mew was the same again, every year, on the same date along with togepi, the three of us together visited the place where we met minior and left a bouquet of sunflowers in honor of the color of its core, which as you can imagine, was yellow.
  2. IGN: YJos Preferred Tiers: Lc dubs, Lc OU, Lc NU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): I reached a final on a prof Einstein tour, and I'm a beginner in the tier, I know I can learn fast Contacto de discordia: YJos owo#0023 Fluff: i like to breed, and i think i have 1 box of pokemon lc i think ... Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Enchanteur, TheDH and Cali
  3. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: Wayneew, DavidAkd, FlorDeCaramelo, UnFracasado, MallyJu, Marcur, Danliz, Incursioz, DarioMG, PsykoO, Gabuchox, YJos, Triskaleon, JosueFeng. Team Captain: DavidAkd
  4. Tie-Breaker Africa Vs Rest Of Latam OU- Lunarck vs Juanchoqui UU- Havsha vs Cristi LC- TheDH vs YEYOxD 200K each players. Void if DQ/sub/ net issues
  5. @DrakeHope @GuaPizzz the money for the bets has already been sent to your emails, gg guys
  6. Hi, i am the event location but i don´t see anyone, will it be done?
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