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  1. jow many shiny have you find hose past few weeks ? 12- 15 ?
  2. well i kinda understood by myself but it's still good if you do it cause there's still things i don't know.
  3. Congrats to my mate @gwadoo on his attempt to find a shiny deino.
  4. A daily reminder, that shiny rate ain't fair for everyone, my last shiny was found on the 3rd march of 2018 :v
  5. Hello i'm in need of someone so i'd need your help guys, i just have a few things i have to ask about how to fix a few things on a theme, (it's nothing much just a few files to fix and i think it'll be good). Would be really nice if someone can spare 5 min of their time to explain me how to fix : that's pretty much the only thing i need help with i'd appreciate it a lot thank you.
  6. Ngl, everything is pretty much in the title, and if this already exist then just delete this, because i'd really love to design some gui but have no idea how to edit a gui to make them work. So please, if someone want to be a hero, now is a good time.
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