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  1. bump 100 tickets left !!!!!!
  2. bump!!! 120 ticket left !!!! 120tickets left!!!
  3. bump!!!! 130 tickets left lets go!!
  4. bump!!!! 135 tickets left !!
  5. bump!!! 135 ticket left lets go guys
  6. you bought 3 on the first day that was 13th of aprill and the price reducing date is on 15th of aprill thats when you bought 4 more thats when you got 10 max tickets and 16th of aprill was the day i increase max ticket per person and you bought the other 5 am i correct ? you could check your mail for that also
  7. there is no 50k since i started to sell its 45k and i have already doubled the ticket they bought
  8. 抱歉不行哦,更多有关的事情可以看规则
  9. xd这个要等卖完或者是1个月后公布哦!! 谢谢您的购买如果可以帮我告诉一下你朋友吧
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