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  1. They don't HAVE to be legitimate. It's not like the game doesn't already use lots of hacked in graphics. There's nothing "legitimate" about any of the cosmetic items or the player character graphics used in the game (or the cosmetic items for that matter). They added gen 5 despite there being no legitimate follower sprites, deferring to the community to provide them instead. Hell, I'm playing a gen 3 game with gen 5 sprites right now. Those definitely aren't "legitimate" and were absolutely hacked in to the older games. Five seconds of google searching brought me this find: https://www.deviantart.com/pikafan2000/favourites/70416144/pokemon-animated-sprites-gen-5-style All the way up to gen 7 with some gen 8s as well. Not saying "the devs should just use these, problem solved", but pointing out that there are possible resources even if it ends up being that the devs just pass the buck to game client modders like what was done with follower sprites. None of this means I think the devs would do it. I would like to see it one day, but as I said before, there are two entire games they could more easily add to the mix (Johto remakes, BW2) and several missing features from current regions that could be and SHOULD be implemented for new content. The only reason this shouldn't happen is because the devs still have plenty of avenues for new content without resorting to that. They also need to ban quick claw and king's rock from PvP, but that seems just about as unlikely to happen any time soon, lol. Edit: My endorsement comes from a place of knowing it's possible to this, but extremely unlikely given the update schedule of these games. I see it all as hypothetical and would be a fun addition. However, it does seem so many people here are viscerally upset about the possibility and that puzzles me. The devs don't even respond to calls to fix legitimate issues. It's okay, guys. Your precious metagame paradigm is safe (for now). Nothing's going to change. Talonflame can't hurt you. Take a nap.
  2. This seems like a great idea! The battlefields in BW2 look so much better. Heck, the Johto games are in there just for a few small graphical details (follower sprites). Plus, we're getting Johto (sooooooooon), so it's a great slippery slope towards getting BW2 as well, eventually. Endorsed.
  3. That's what I think every time someone brings them up. Honestly, even Hidden Abilities seem like a long shot--if only because the devs appear determined not to just implement them like a regular feature and instead tie them to some theoretical, far-off feature like dungeons. All while the game stagnates.
  4. The only relevant "argument" here is the last one. Everything above that is a non-sequitur. Also, X and Y numbered 69 (nice) pokemon at launch, with like one or two legendaries added later. That's the FEWEST new additions in any Pokemon game. Most are agreed that megas are too much for this game (even though a handful of Pokemon really did benefit in that they became competitive and it's a bit sad the feature made so many more overpowered Pokemon that much more broken). Megas aren't really on the table in this hypothetical. As to the actual issue at hand: It's not gonnna happen. Not any time soon, anyway. I love lots of gen 6 pokemon (and I never saw the anime because I grew out of that shit long before gen 6 rolled around, lol) and would love to see them implemented. Noivern, Malamar, Greninja, Talaonflame, Aegislash, Trevenant--these are some of my favorite Pokemon. If the actual game were half as good as its actual Pokemon lineup, it'd have been a classic. I'd love to see these Pokemon appear in a GOOD game because they deserve it. Plus, I'd LOVE to see them with gen 5-style sprites if those could be sourced (that's a huge part of the problem with adding them, of course). Metagamers are gonna whine, but just buy them some cheese to go with it because they always do that when new content comes around. We still get the odd uguu screeching about rolling the whole game back to gen 3. Whatever changes happen, the metagame will adapt, nerfs will happen where needed. Life will go on. People will complain either way. Content is king. The devs will have to come up with SOMETHING for the future. Right now, they've still got Johto and Black/White 2 as the most likely contenders for new content. They don't need to resort to hacking in gen 6 pokemon, as much as I, personally, would love them for it. Hidden Abilities are still a thing that needs to be implemented (and woah boy, get ready for the PvP crowd pitch a screaming shit fit when then happens). There's plenty of more easily implemented content to mine from the roms already in use. This is a definite "no" for now. Check back in five or six years when this game is either dead or in desperate need of something new.
  5. AnRae


    I second this, though the non-committal nature of the devs is so well-known that it's basically an in-joke (honestly, though, I do think that being so nonchalant about it as to bandy about the word "Soon(tm)" could be a turnoff to a lot of players). I doubt this will happen. I don't know what goes on in their lives. I assume they all have day jobs. Knowing that Nintendo could put its foot down at any time would make me not want to commit to anything when I know it can never be my stable, full-time income. On the other hand, having more dev updates and be able to see something of what they're working on would be wonderful. I've had my attention diverted to Elder Scrolls Online for a while. Why? Because the player base is made aware of updates and expansions regularly, so there's always something to remain excited about. Pokemmo, on the other hand, it's always just "soon(tm)." Eventually, people get tired of "soon". I'd like to point out that even big AAA studios have trouble maintaining a real, accurate roadmap an then sticking to it so the track record of the this practice is pretty poor all around. I think it'd be nice just to have some kind of showcase of what the devs are working on in terms of new content or features. I know just trying to maintain and balance everything is a big job, but having something new to look forward to would be nice.
  6. Yo, I'm gonna bother quoting anyone here, but I do take issue with one thing OP and their supporter(s) do a lot here: Please do not trivialize the struggles working people and the poor by comparing their plight to a goddamn videogame. I know I've been very vocal about my dissent towards the way the economy in this game works, questioning whether or not it actually serves the interests of the game's player population, but that's very different from using Communist political rhetoric to try and make it easier for you get shit in a videogame that is, by its nature, competitive and exclusive. The problems of working and poor people (and various matters of inequality across different demographics) is a very real, very serious problem that, regardless of your views on it, has serious repercussions on their lives. Don't even fucking dare try to compare that to market of fake money and pixels, you cretins. It doesn't even apply all that well. Yes, there's a lot of stock market-esque activity with the limited vanities, BUT the true controllers of the market ARE the producers. Limiteds don't get traded around that often. They don't provide anything essential. Trading in them does not really interfere with the production or acquisition of needed goods. What is most traded for and sought after are competitive items and breeding services (the closest this game has to a "need"). Given that there's a lack of a capital finance class in Pokemmo at the moment, this puts almost all the economic power in the hands of the producers. There are no landlords. Limited vanities are the ONLY items that reflect any kind of ownership of property, and the owners of limited items' ability to control the economy with that ownership of property is, as far as I can tell, well...limited. As of yet, nobody works for anybody else. Nobody has to put Pokefood on their Poketables. A lot of limited owners don't even play this god damn game anymore, so they're not putting any of their wealth back into the economy (which is the only REAL problem here). The only people who are actually looking to put food on their tables are the devs, who are the REAL producers and the only ones to really materially gain from the purchase of limiteds. There's nothing wrong with that from any moral or economic perspective. Owners of limiteds aren't using that ownership of property in a way that harms others for their benefit. They absolutely are not, so don't you dare compare this situation to the real life struggles of ordinary people. In the real world, this stuff matters because the excesses of capitalism, as well as the abuses of Communism, cause real problems and endanger real lives. This is a goddamn videogame. If you don't like playing it, stop. Problem solved.
  7. I agree. This seems like one of those accessibility issues that ought to be addressed.
  8. This is the kind of stink that's really souring me on the game. All the fun gets sucked out to protect "the economy". The economy of fake money that's going to collapse in on itself anyway because of money hoarding and a massive divide between providers of goods (farmers, breeders) and consumers (PvPers) in their ability to generate money. Shedninja's whole thing is Wonder Guard. He's not even THAT GOOD. Ruining him just to prevent people from making a paltry amount of money every six hours is stupid. Edit: Okay, I didn't read the game master's reply, so that's me jumping the gun. Hadn't encountered Shed yet in game so I only had what others said to go on. Still, the criticism of the way the game's economy is fetishized still stands for a lot of other decisions made by the devs. The fact that that this seemed so frustratingly par for the course supports the feeling among players that this is a problem. I say this as someone who actually WANTS to be a farmer/breeder. I don't think non-farmers needs to labor for thousands of hours to be able to afford my shit. Even casuals should be able to obtain things they want sometimes. I'll stay far away from limited vanities STONKS, though. If you can win the game by not playing, then the devs did something wrong. There's a reason most other MMOs don't do things like that with cosmetics. To put a finer point on what others have said: Pokemmo needs an ACTUAL Endgame, not just "an economy" that exists for its own sake (and the devs' sake I guess, I can't really fault them for trying to make money off their work in among the few ways that they can). And that Endgame (as well as PVP) needs to reward players in ways that put them on a more equal footing with the people who have STONKS. The suppliers have all the power right now, so Endgame and PVP need to reward players with a supply of things that those suppliers want and would be willing to part with their Poke Yen for.
  9. To be fair, there's no indication that they're doing any of the above either. They talk about doing those things, but never have we even seen a proof of concept.
  10. Yeah, I pretty much agree. The reason I was drawn to this game was A.) It's Pokemon, B.) It's Pokemon with many, IMO, sensible improvements to offer a much better experience than simply playing a regular emulator, and C.) there's an online component that, in theory, looks to add a lot to it. However, the more I see and learn about how the economy works, the less interested I am. I'd love to shoot for some of those fun cosmetic items, but if I could never afford them in my wildest dreams, unless I, too, become a prospector who funnels real money into pixels just to keep them out of the hands of the plebs for a big payout of Monopoly money down the road--which I would then sit on because...? Wealth hoarding is a ticking time-bomb for any economy. I could easily do that. I have the disposable income to do so. I will not, because it isn't fun. I'm here to wear cool, fake, pixel costumes on my fake, pixel character and make my cool, fake, pixel pets fight other people's pixel pets. And I feel like the state of the economy makes what feels like the core of the game somehow less doable. It interferes with the actual core features of the game. Eventually, that's going to become too much for anyone to want to bother with.
  11. NB4 next update where they remove all cash rewards from trainer battles entirely. This warrants the question: Has Pokemmo reached the "late capitalism" stage, wherein the economy no longer exists to benefit the people within it and instead exists only to perpetuate itself to the benefit of a wealthy few? At what point does a relentless focus on what is considered a "healthy economy" begin to miss the forest for the trees? When does it start to become a burden on the people who actually play the game to, idk, play the game? EDIT: That was weird. Is the forum really broken because it did some weird shit when I tried to quote post. EDIT2: And before anyone starts ribbing me: no, I am not trying to start a communist revolution on Pokemmo, lol. But I am interested and watching it closely because it's a microcosm of economic activity that's smaller than other similar games (like Eve) and thus easier to grasp, and I can see the inner workings a lot more easily. Just wondering if it falls prey to the same pitfalls as real life economies when it comes to the measure of human happiness. EDIT3: This was also not intended to be a criticism of the Frisk change itself (or even of the devs, who are placed in the unenviable position of having to balance a fake economy against real money when the fake money can be generated in large quantities by anyone). Again, just interested in seeing how it plays out in the end.
  12. @Kyu Even though I'm new here I'm glad to hear from you. Yeah, Covid is rough and given that I'm also a dev with lots of neglected projects I understand how it has been a drag even when I technically had the time to do it. It's hard to be creative or enthusiastic when so many other things aren't going well and you're not getting adequate social interaction. :( Congrats on getting married. I'm mostly just happy to see that you're still alive. Thank you for building this wonderful game. :)
  13. Hi! I'm too new to have known you before, but I wanna say, as a fellow transfem, congratulations on discovering yourself! <3
  14. I guess I'll be the sole defender for now. Trainers should work the same way in Hoenn that they do everywhere else. They got rid of the VS detector in Kanto. And if they release Johto I hope they ditch the phone call nonsense there too. Yes, but if you're playing the story in Hoenn--and ESPECIALLY if you've started in Hoenn--you are automatically having a lesser experience than any player in another region is. The ease and simplicity of rematching trainers in other regions is a great source of EXP and money. Even in the early game I've done a lot of trainer runs because I can experiment with teams, gain EXP for my reserve party, and stock up on money for Pokeballs so I never have to miss an opportunity to catch useful breeding material (or just a mon with not-bad IVs, something this game pretty much requires even in the story) on the way to my next objective. Hoenn features less opportunity for that, making it the lesser experience.
  15. Yes to this. We need more filter options in general in the Pokedex (like an area/method filter).
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