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  1. It has hit a stall. but it will hopefully finish up soonish.
  2. Oh crap! Thank you very much! Fixing it now! =)
  3. Because the price was halved. Therefore all the holders who had tickets had all their ticket amounts doubled. Someone already had the max amount and therefore had double the max amount.
  4. Thats fair. Maybe shoulda done it for 15m overall but oh well lmao. Sounds good, just send 100k to CashhinTendies =)
  5. Comp Shiny 3x31 Honchkrow with Naughty Nature, PP up'd moves, Bats Particle, Pumpcat Particle, and Random particle 100k/ticket. 200 ticket total. 40 ticket limit Send money to CashinTendies Prize held by @Joseeex
  6. I bought 5 tickets because why not. It's a raffle, I could win something fun and someone makes some money. :D
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