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  1. My brother just told me about this post and I had to log in here after so many years. So I played this game mostly with my IRL friend KBepo. I joined LYLE because I wanted to play competitively but since most tournaments were arranged to US times I couldn't participate in 90% of them. So then I decide only to breed crazy pokemons with perfect IVs and some off meta attacks on them. Then I would trade them and tried to get shiny pokemons. It is funny because nobody from LYLE cared for shines except me. I still remember that tournament and that win with almighty Dodrio - fun times. Maybe I would still play if they didn't change breeding mechanics like 20 times. SO enough off topic, lets return to topic. Players that I will never forget: @BrunoMarin - well he's my brother, can't forget family I guess :P @KBepo - I think we played together this game for more than 2k hours during few years in college. So we would spent half day at college and then we would meet online after and then stayed till late hours only to repeat same thing every day. @DoubleJ - even if you hate LYLE for some reason, you simply can't hate this guy. For me one of the nicest and funniest people I met in game. Rest of LYLE squad (KingBowser, JSTUD, Thebloo, Fishtickles...) - What a squad of people. Always theorycrafing and trying to improve. Hail Blissey never forget. LYLE #1
  2. Still haven't got your mence ? Can you come online ? And I already borrowed Wak lvl 100 to somebody before I left, hope it helped.
  3. My bad. I was like 0-24 breeding and then they change it. And yea, if anybody need any poke that I have I can borrow it. Better than collecting virtual dust
  4. Almost forgot that xD Breeding sux so I left. But it was really good to be part of "LYLE#1 team"
  5. Been playing other games, watchin Dexter and waitin for breeding system to get better...
  6. If you guys have "skill" as much as you can trash talk maybe you would win sometimes
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