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  1. yes!!! celadon was the spot. does xsky still play?
  2. omg dark!!!i never forgot you!! i still love you. come marry me already.. i been waiting years
  3. im not back to stay. just wanted to say hi to the old crew if they were still here is DarkShade still around? my other ingame name was Madame Scarlett
  4. my ingame name was miss flannery i believe
  5. so after years of not playing, i logged on and realized I still have my golden shinies. especially my shiny karp. now i can happily log out and know they will forever be stuck in my pc :)
  6. and here i am saying hello to anyone whom remembers me!
  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Noad, on 18 Feb 2015 - 9:21 PM, said: It appears you missed my post noad. I know you are busy, but Little root town need Justice! And don't forget about the nice old lady trading away her nice cute little kitty for a mouse... Don't forget the cat lady :( :( :(
  9. So.. What happened to little root town? Also no mention of Fortree city, which also has Kecleon. Also you can trade a pikachu for a skitty.
  10. Did you get our honeymoon reservations yet?

  11. My only game goal is to stalk and annoy Darkshade and Jindu. And to collect shinies just to give them to my friend, and then bother her to borrow them at random times~
  12. TC wants the "are you sure" button so that he can save hold Z and not end up buying items on accident or miss yes or no options. Ray post is similar in the sense that if you press and hold Z in daycare you will end up picking the ultra ball, but he offered a alternate fix which was the pokeball in the first spot instead of ultra ball, but a "are you sure" button would be fitting there as well, as he also stated it. Again, read before you post. :)
  13. So in other words, a grand exchange like in Runescape?
  14. You begin the game in your room, in front of the gaming system... why not make the gaming system work like the teachy tv? That way new play watch or read or whatever, while older players on alt runs dont have to do tedious tutorial island stuff.... [spoiler]hated making new characters in runescape[/spoiler]
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