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  1. How about nerfing +6 bellydrum to +4, this suggestion is kinda dumb but i think that should stop players from spamming redirection team to climb ladders and become the "best dubs player" there is
  2. Cool! where can I find those?
  3. The Team: https://pokepast.es/77f88124ec155f8a This team is a hard trick room Generation 5 Team. Scrafty - Fake Out user with impressive bulk and support move Dragon Tail + 2 STAB moves for coverage and recovery Reuniclus - Trick Room Setter and special glasscanon. HP Fire for dealing with metagross and scizors Amoonguss - Redirection and momentum builder with Spore. Coba berry helps survive crobats Jellicent - Guaranteed Trick Room Setter with mental herb and helps chip damages with 2 stab moves. It still hits hard with its impressive bulk Gigalith - Hits like a truck. Weather. Explosion helps clean off opponents that are not wary of him. Eelektross - Trick Room glasscanon, coverage, and damage dealer.
  4. Will always recommend this shop! Very eco-friendly and reliable, fast but with precision owo
  5. Bump, this is such a good idea to bring back the spirit of the competitive scene aswell as to accumulate even more players who wants to try out competitive pokemon and encourage them to play the game and dedicate their time and effort to improve in order to win those amazing prizes (if they're to be implemented).
  6. In-Game Name: kuzeee Country: Philippines Tiers: OU Discord Tag: Kuzé#6372 Personal Note: He can't access forums
  7. In-Game Name: SuperiorHolmes Country: Philippines Preferred Tiers: OU, DB, LC Personal Note: my first time playing here Discord Tag: SuperiorHolmes#3558
  8. https://pokepast.es/cebc296082d0820c Gyarados Team! Gyarados- gyarados but with lum Electabuzz- fast bulky support that has access to feint and swagger that helps Gyarados for an easy sweep, the ev investments on its speed helps it outspeed gyarados so it can setup swagger first. Hydreigon & Mr. Mime- Setup duo which can also be an alternative for Gyarados + Electabuzz leads such as Gyarados + wideguard/swagger Mime and Follow me electabuzz + setup Hydreigon, just don't get Mr.Mime taunted that's all :3 Tyranitar- the paste that keeps the team altogether, helps with the team's pacing by winning common weather wars and be there against TR Crobat- crobat
  9. https://pokepast.es/d0fbb5507d2d48f3 Aight, so Mamoswine will deal as much damage as possible with the help of its support mons such as Togekiss and Dusclops. Togekiss is there as pivot for the whole team where she can use tailwind and imprison opposing redirection teams, aswell as annoying opponents with its inconsistent consistent flinches and deal as much damage with its Modest nature since ppl rlly ignore togekiss' potential to deal damage aswell. Mienshao is there as a hit and run Taunter to use against trickroom teams and U-turn on opposing Slowking trickroom setter which guarantees an ohko. Salamence is there for intimidate support and making good use of its decent typing giving him multiple resistances that helps the team, he deals as much damage as possible while Tailwind is up and Tyranitar will be there to reset potential Snow warning opponents to prevent blizzard accuracy that would take out Salamence immediately and Dusclops is there as the tankiest support this team needs with its trickroom to go against faster enemies such as rain or reverse opposing trick room while at the same time carrying WoW to provide physical debuff its team need and Ally Switch(to evade taxes) to make good use of its ghost typing while carrying BrickBreak for opposing Screen teams and follow me togekiss. The team doesn't really do much against AoE opponents but they barely care because they are Hyper Offensive and they want to shut down opponents as fast as possible. As for the EV Spreads, Mienshao has the typical Jolly 252/252, Modest Togekiss 252/252, Standard Naive Salamence 252Spe/70Atk/186SpA, Standard Relaxed Dusclops with 252HP/136Def/120SpD. Mamoswine with Adamant Nature with maxed out atk and 56EV on speed is just a niche so she can outspeed other mons under weather conditions when the team's Tailwind is up. Tyranitar is quite Specially Bulky with its Maxed out SpDef and 168HP to survive surf and draco meteor from Sniper Kingdra under Sand Stream. IGN: SuperiorHolmes
  10. My ingame name is: SuperiorHolmes My favourite pokemon is: Murkrow On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: grinding singles and doubles OU My playtime ingame is: 165 hours I would like to join Team Läva because: I want to showcase my skills and learn alongside these great players! This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I played VGC since 2012 even though I haven't improved significantly well, I love playing competitive games such as Doubles because this is where I find joy. Me being a sherlock holmes fan is just a plus as an addition to the team ;)
  11. Thanks for the answers! I shall faithfully wait for this feature of the game
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