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  1. Honestly, won't happen sadly it's been declined over and over again. Not really sure why because every other MMORPG out there allows characters to be deleted but hey PokeMMO has to be the "special" one.
  2. Don't forget the OP did alter the results which they claimed to do in another thread. Because it has been modified, the "poll results" are incorrect.
  3. Last I knew, bots can't really do captcha's. And frankly the whole argument about bots shouldn't had been brought up to begin with.
  4. I think people shouldn't be using an "auto run away". I suggested a timer being 30 seconds to confirm you want to run away. If you don't want to run just click yes or fill in a captcha and you stay in the battle. Otherwise you can click no or wait for the timer to run out and you'd run away.
  5. You mean just like how you think the changes are bad being your own personal opinion?
  6. No my statement is suggesting one way that we could pick whatever ball Shedinja would spawn in.
  7. Or you could just have the pokeball you want it in as your only pokeball. Then you can put it in whatever one you want.
  8. Honestly I don't care. Also, I'll never trust a company that "protects passwords" cause, the moment someone figures the master password out, they'll have access to all passwords. Especially if it is open source.
  9. Might want to re-read my post again.
  10. You can't really use the last 3, cause they don't generate new pokedollars.
  11. You have 3 regions worth of trainers which btw is a lot. The payout is fine.
  12. https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/windows/ This really helps.
  13. You're the one who brought it up by claiming I was a casual with 0 evidence. Again nice attempt.
  14. Oooh is there a wall somewhere? Let me at it! I'll be more stubborn to the wall!
  15. That is implying either is remotely relevant to the thread which isn't. Almost buddy, try again.
  16. Honestly, I won't bother logging into the game as long as it is mandatory. Too much work for me to try to log in to go to my email and input some code thing.
  17. Can't be assumed to be a casual when you don't know my in-game name. But you know nice attempt there.
  18. If it was irrelevant, you wouldn't had used the word "victim".
  19. This comment right here, shows you have 0 clue what you're talking about.
  20. Doesn't matter what you consider is a crime. Legally it isn't.
  21. That is implying a Crime happened. Which it didn't. There was no crime, therefore there is no victim.
  22. So let me get this straight. People are mad that dittos are not mandatory for breeding Genderless pokemon and now the value for them drops? Why would you want them to have extremely high value to begin with? If you support them being extremely high then all you care about is greed and not the longevity of the game. The way genderless pokemon can breed now should had been a thing since breeding was implemented.
  23. There are bugs since the update, be patient til they are resolved. This should be closed as it isn't a suggestion.
  24. Or introduce I think Bottle Caps that lets your HP Fire mons essentially have 31 speed.
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