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  1. it still exists I see

  2. ;_; y

    1. Immature14YearOld


      So I have this awesome boat down here, wanna go on a cruise?

  3. So why'd you call me? Whats wrong?

    1. Kei


      HAHAAHA You got blocked from posting :P

  4. pls pls no

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Safushio
    3. Croix


      Come here, Sushi-kun. I'll make you feel better. /hug

    4. Immature14YearOld


      *Prepares binoculars* "Tonight shall be fun"

  5. Mother Chocolate Technician get your ass online! We have shit to discuss! We should hang out sometime.

  6. Hey whats up with the ice monster? What is it from I mean? It makes me think of the thing!
  7. I suggest a Goku. Very hard to find, if you want a free one then ask! Other than that welcome :3 Seems like you love the Ash team!
  8. Hey Bosher... what's your IGN? (I would ask for your phone number, yet I'm lazy with my mouth)
  9. [quote name='Xiren' timestamp='1363150833' post='227179'] Kyahaha ... Dublin eh? Same here. I got mine done which took 4 hours and it costed only 100 euro. Then again, I did get it from a friend so I guess I got it cheap. @edward Is it me , or am I the only female on the list? [/quote] Who's to say I'm not a girl pretending to be a boy because her favorite anime character is edward so she makes a fake bio on her profile just to throw guy's off? Also Orangeslash could be a woman if he/she wanted to tell me...followed by a phone number...
  10. My love list 1. Orangeslash 2. Brah 3. Giygas 4. Xiren 5. Boshers Your on the list
  11. I once had a dream, then I fell in love with Orangeslash

    1. Cifer44


      You seem like a stalker...can I have a stalker D: xD

    2. Immature14YearOld


      Your being stalked by kei remember? Lol

    3. Cifer44


      can I have another ;D


  12. If I lick you, would you change colors?

  13. Ruff.....bark...moo.... eek

  14. [quote name='Orangeslash' timestamp='1363051271' post='225939'] Plizard confirmed for noob. [/quote] Orange slash confirmed: Wants me
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