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  1. This was an absolute blast to host, all of you put incredible fights to watch! Thank you so much for your time and patience, this is extremely rewarding to host with so many spectacular people joining and showing what they are capable of. Building a team around Dragon types was a big challenge, a lot of expected counters made a well deserved appereance and as we advanced into the Tournament less and less Dragons were able to keep up the pace. Still, I'm grateful for you support and teambuilding abilities, I'll make sure to play again with these rules in the future. The initial Group Phase was wild, we managed to pull 16 battles in less than 2 hours and that's all thanks to you being ready when I called you out to play. You can check the whole Tournament progression here: https://challonge.com/TheFerociousDen/groups And now let's write this extensive prizepool: #1 Place: @evxsion got 280k and 400k holding an unbeteable record #2 Place: @Imperial got 215k and 200k with an impressive performance early on, very ferocious of him #3 Place: @Yumae got 480k and 50k while managing to hold tight to their Dragons until the end #4 Place: @iKeroPKMN got 85k only, despite his great perfomance, as he didn't show us his true draconian skills, so he'll be getting 5 Dragon Fangs Group Phase: @Lucian got 0k as he fought totally Dragon-free the whole Tournament, he's getting a Dragon't friend @CaptnBaklava got 80k with an absolutely majestic draconian display, he brought the most Dragons and that's why he's getting a very special friend called Benchie (you're totally free to include a screenshot of your new friend) @Bunnaiii got 45k and really focused on the Ice/Dragon duality with her NU style, please take this 10 NeverMeltIce to keep your style icy @Crible got 135k but lost due to an unfortunate disconnection (I feel you my guy), really glad to see him out of his comfort zone Thank you all again for coming! I'll make sure to repeat this format in the future. I hope you had fun, I know I did!
  2. The Ferocious Den Tournament Get hyped up for this draconian Tournament full of truly powerful beasts! We’re recycling the same Tournament format that we used in Birbs Fly High but this time, Dragons are here to steal the show. And just like last time, to make sure that people get more than one battle to hone their PvP skills we’ll have a Group Phase to kick it up first and the best players in each group will advance to Semifinals to get the grand prizes. I’m taking the “go big or go home” approach for the reward system. You’re totally free to bring any team you want but bringing out Dragons will be handsomely rewarded. Per battle, for each Dragon Pokemon in your team you’ll get 35k if you win, and 5k if you lose. So sharpen your teeth and hone your claws for this monstrous Tournament! Details Two Stage Tournament | 6v6 OU 1st Stage - Group Phase Winners advance to 2nd Stage - Single Battle Elimination Date & Time Sunday 26th of August, 3PM UTC - Time Converter Location Dragonspiral Tower, Unova, Channel 1 Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO How to enter The event is only available for players who are on the ENIX Discord server. Registrations will be opened 24 hours before the event. Please contact me at Complutum#6083 or through the MMO Forums if you have any doubts, or if you want to sign up. Keep in mind that rewards will vary depending on how many Dragon Type Pokemon you bring out in each match, and they are additive in relation to the number of games played and the final placements of the Tournament. Rewards 1st Place Prize 400k 2nd Place Prize 200k 3rd Place Prize 50k Host @Complutum
  3. That's right, I called it. Got banned in Round 4 because I'm OP
  4. Baeex’ Get to Know ENIX We’re jumping from one birb dedicated event to another. But this time there won’t be Pokemon battles involved. A lot of folks have joined ENIX recently and probably don’t know much about the Elder Birbs that cemented our team, nor the things that draw us together as a family. In order to improve birb to birb communication and learn more about our fellow teammates, Baeex has suggested and collected an amazing prize pool of cash for the people with the best introductions, backstories and presentations on the ENIX server. We will be using the anonymous Discord bot Voltaire to post one anonymous message per person on the Event Discord channel #biografex. After the designated time runs out, you’ll have to vote your favourites based on Originality, Hobbies and Talents, on your Backstory with Pokemon, and especially your Backstory with ENIX and how you got here. We will be using the DanceVotation emote to give positive votes to your stories and the 3 people with the most votes will win! Details Discord Introduction Event Date & Time Event will officially last from Tuesday 17th of August 12AM UTC - Time Converter Until Saturday 21st of August 12AM UTC - Time Converter (We’ll then have some time to let people vote and decide the winners) How to enter The event is only available for players who are on the ENIX Discord server. It will take place within the designated time and channel #biografex on the ENIX Discord server. Follow the Event rules and use Voltaire Bot to write your introductory message anonymously! To do so, use this line on a private message to Voltaire: send_server “Phoenix” biografex (write your introductory messages here). Rewards 1st Place Prize 3M 2nd Place Prize 1,5M 3rd Place Prize 500k Hosts @Baeex @Complutum
  5. This Event has officially came to an end. Thank you for your patience and perseverance, you folks clearly love some good PvE Events! Although it is very unlikely that we host a similar Event in the near future, the high turn out gave me some ideas on how to be a better host for similarly bizarre Events. This was very entertaining to watch, thank you for being so lively and I hope you find a good use to your hard earned BP!
  6. I'm curious to know the results
  7. Seems like a pretty cool idea, want to see it happen
  8. After carefully reviewing some of your suggestions we're going to reiterate and add some more information to make sure that the event is well understood by everyone and the chances of you having a great time are pumped up to maximum. - You do have to make it to Floor 51, which is the same as beating Floor 50. You can try to go further but no aditional rewards will be handed. - This list of available Pokemon is subject to change (as PokePaste generates static links) due to people picking up Pokemon to participate, thus reducing the pool of available ones. Kiralexis and I will try to be online as much as possible and provide you the updated list anytime. You can check here the: List of standardized Pokemon. - Regarding the rewards. Some players will struggle to hit the 1 hour mark, especially those playing in the Doubles Format. That's why we've increased the necessary time to hit the big jackpot to 2 hours! - If you can make it to Floor 51 before the 2 hour threshold, I will reward you with 500k. If you don't, you still have 46 more hours to try and reach it before you have to give the standardized Pokemon back. If you end up making it during that time your reward will be 100k and hopefully you end up with a good amount of BP too. - Once we lend you a Pokemon you can't swap it for another one and you'll have to prove us that you make it to Floor 51 with that exact Pokemon. We won't share with you any movesets to keep things entertaining, but you can swap its moves as you like once you receive it. The lending will always take place in Hoenn’s Battle Tower. - Breaking MMO's ToS, cheating or using unknown bugs to reach Floor 51 will result in you being banned from the Event. - To prove that you are following the Event rules we will ask for specific screenshots. Failing to provide these will make you uneligible to receive any rewards. All screenshots must be wide enough for us to clearly see the in-game clock or the chat time stamps. All screenshots must be wide enough for us to clearly see your current Pokemon team and have the basic Summary Tab of the standarized Pokemon open. - The first screenshot must be taken minutes after the challenge has started and it has to show on the PC record your Previous win streak at the Format. Then, you have to take a second screenshot while battling at Floor 1 where we can see the Level at which you're battling, your full party and have the basic Summary Tab of the standarized Pokemon. The third screenshot must show that the PC record of your Current win streak is 42, you then take a follow-up screenshot of you battling in Floor 43 with standarized Pokemon's Summary Tab open. The third screenshot must show that the PC record of your Current win streak is 49, you then take a follow-up screenshot of you battling in Floor 50 with standarized Pokemon's Summary Tab open. Congratulations if you make it this far! - We will provide you with examples of the previous screenshots privately to make sure you understand it correctly. If you decide ti change the Format or Level that you're trying in the Battle Tower you'll have to take the screenshots again! New additions: - If you don't mind us giving you a random Pokemon from the list, your reward will be increased +50% for your bravery. - This challenge is meant to be for Hoenn’s Battle Tower only, but we didn't specify the Level nor Format. Thus, you're free to play this Event however you like, both Level and Format options are eligible for rewards as long as you prove it correctly with screenshots. This means that you can do the Battle Tower challenge at Level 50 or 100, and can play it in Singles or Doubles with someone else.
  9. Fifty Stages of Love Although Syphre’s birthday went unnoticed due to his ghostly appearance, we have made sure to host some events based on his favourite MMO activities... watching people suffer, I mean ranking up the Battle Tower! That’s why in this event you can win up to 500k individually if you make it to Floor 51, what a steal! However, there is a key element to this challenge to spice things up. We need a way to prove such courage and hardship, plus, we don’t want to make it too easy. That’s why you’ll have to make it to Floor 51 with one standardized Pokemon from this list. Contact us via Discord at Complutum#6083 or Kiralexis#5831, through an in-game “Whisper” at Complutum or Kiralexis and we will lend you a Pokemon of your choice that MUST be in your team when you reach Floor 51. If you can get to Floor 51 within 1 hour of me lending you the Pokemon you’ll be rewarded with 500k, congratulations on the easy money. If you don’t manage to do so, you still have 47 hours left to complete the challenge and still win 100k. I will remind you all that every 7 Floors you’ll be awarded with some BP so this is a great chance to hone your PvE skills, grind some BP and win some free money while honouring Syphre’s Battle Tower spirit. Details PvE Event in Hoenn’s Battle Tower Date & Time Event will officially last from Thursday 5th of August 10PM UTC - Time Converter Until Sunday 8th of August 10PM UTC - Time Converter (You’ll have to return the standardized Pokemon by Sunday) You’ll have 48 hours to beat Floor 50 since you’re lent the competitive Pokemon, we will keep track of time! Location Battle Tower inside Battle Frontier, Hoenn, Channel 1 How to enter The event is only available for players who are on the ENIX Discord server. There is no need to register, but contacting us in advance will make things easier. You can find us at Complutum#6083 and or Kiralexis#5831 in Discord, or through the MMO Forums. We included more information down below to make sure rules are well understood, but I’ll be glad to answer all your doubts! Keep in mind that rewards will vary depending on how fast you can reach Floor 51 of the Battle Tower. You will need to take screenshots to prove that you made it in time with the right Pokemon. Hosts @Complutum @Kiralexis
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