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  1. I think that's a good idea just to not let certain exclusive vanities and rare shiny pokemon die in an acount that is known in advance that it won't be unban in any way.
  2. 15th OT shiny. Finally i got Gligar after 2 Amoonguss
  3. English: I think that's a pretty good idea for shiny hunters and i think there is an easy way to implement this. We currently have 3 colours on our PokeDex: Grey (you never had it), Blue (you had it but not with ot) and green (you had it with ot). Two more colours could be implemented like for example pink (you had the shiny version without ot) and orange (u had the shiny version with ot). And having the pokemon frame of either of these colors (pink or orange in this case) you unlock the shiny frames on your dex pokemon's description. Español: Creo que es una genial idea sobretodo para los cazadores de shiny y tengo una idea que creo que podria ser facil de implementar. Por ahora tenemos 3 colores en la PokeDex: Gris (no has tenido ese pokemon nunca), Azul (has tenido ese pokemon pero sin ot) y Verde (has tenido ese pokemon con ot). Se podrian implementar 2 colores más, por ejemplo, Rosa (has tenido la version shiny de ese pokemon pero sin ot) y Naranja (has tenido la versión shiny de ese pokemon con ot). Y al tener el marco del poke de cualquiera de estos dos colores (rosa o naranja en este caso) desbloquearias para poder ver el dibujo del pokemon de la dex en su versión shiny.
  4. Never seen something like this in a wild catch but selling it for 2m? That's crazy x2
  5. The only problem that I find with this theme is that you cannot differentiate the mails that you have already read form those that you have not. For the rest it's perfect, good work!
  6. Team: https://pokepast.es/cf60a9bbaabda754 This team is based on Mamoswine trick room. I'm adding Jellicent because he will help with that Fight immunity and I will be able to hit with water spout + water gem, trick room and wow to burn. Beheeyem with Telepathy to be able to spam eq without any problem and helps to use trick room with mental herb in case of taunt. Porygon2 is the best trick room + discharge pokemon and pretty good Mamoswine mate. Mienshao and Togekiss to play comfortably outside the trick room and kill dark type mons. Imprision in Togekiss will make the opponent unable to use Follow Me & Protect
  7. Team: https://pokepast.es/166a1b400d50c104 I chose Gastrodon to make an stall team.
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