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  1. Backstory: I start play PokeMMO in 2013, but I had long years of inactivity, returning to play a week ago. Today, I go ahead to Hoenn's Safari because I want an Adamant Teddiursa with Pickup to farm. Then, I found this bonobo coming to me. After use Bait on him, I try to catch him, but its obviously what happened. After that, I was so dissapointed so I close the stream. Enjoy, if you can :( Shiny Aipom Encounter: https://clips.twitch.tv/ToughSmokyWerewolfLeeroyJenkins-mhflAmvvkC4D72Du Shiny Aipom run away: https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedSillyRedpandaRedCoat-JsLOvTtd985hBy9C
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