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  1. Done with Hacker's Memory. Have really mixed feelings about it.. The game play was the same as the first Cybersleuth, adding close to nothing new, and after little time I was getting quite bored of doing the same things I already did in the other game... Some new Digimons were cool, but still most of them were close to useless. Battle system had the same mistake of the first one, you either had a Def/Int penetrating attack or you would do no damage to any enemy. The story was quite tame for 70% of the game, but started running un really fast during the end, with a really beautiful and heartbreaking ending. If I hadn't played Cybersleuth i would have probably enjoyed this one more... Now for a change of peace I'll start Ys Origins
  2. It was the best anime adaptation of anything Muv Luv releated for years, but the original Muv Luv Alternative is something else. And yes, I didn't like it, it was too rushed, nothing about the world was explained, the background was completely off compared to Alternative where the presence of the Beta was actually oppressing. The VN was ok, didn't read the LNs, the anime was just bad.
  3. Total eclipse cames from a sequel/spin off of the original alternative title, I actually don't even remember if its a different timeline or parallel to alternative events. And there is also the German title that got an anime, that was ok honestly. Total Ecplise didn't explain shit about the events of Alternative, and didn't even explain anything about what was happening in the series. It is probably missing a season or two to complete everything, but the anime was so bad that it stopped there. Just because it's part of the canon material doesn't make it the original work
  4. Only good things about Total Ecplise are the Canadian waifu and the opening song. There was also just one rushed battle against the Beta. Total shit. The new anime is based on the original VN material
  5. Waited years for it, but finally Muv Luv Alternative anime is coming
  6. Done with Next 0rder...I love the Digimon World kind of games, with the life cycles, the caring stuff etc. This game improved all those aspects, making way less frustrating to progress in generations. The Dojo also was a massive help to get the evolution you wanted. Missing a little only the different training mini games from the previous game. It still has the big flaw of making all the digimon virtually identical, even Mega+ with Rookies...but whatever Story was really weak tho, and i guess too short. Won't 100% this one cause the fild guide will be a massive pain to complete. Now onto Hacker's Memory. Good thing is that you can import the save data from the first game to get goodies, and a some other stuff. Field guide is already pretty much complete, so i may try to 100% this one depending on the medals requirements
  7. Done with Next 0rder story... Doing the DLC quests now and the last city recruits Considering only the game play probably the best Digimon World title, Taking all the Good points of the previous 2 (DW 1 and Re Digitize) and improving them A LOT. Too bad the story is really really weak,such a shame
  8. Cybersleuth is pretty good, 100% finished the first one, and the medal quest was a massive mindless grind fest.. What I don't really like about it, just like Digimon World 3, is that every Digimon can potentially evolve in anything else, taking away all that could have been special in having Renamon instead of Veemon... I'll go with Hacker's Memory soon, but will most likely not 100% it
  9. Don't know, I think he may have followed Yoshihiro Togashi philosophy "the waiting for the ending is the real ending"
  10. Right now I'm playing Digimon World Next 0rder. Have Hacker's waiting as soon as I finish N0. Have also a bunch on stuff waiting to be played, like a lot of Legend of Heroes (Trails of the sky Serie and Trails of cold steel one), Ys and some Atelier titles
  11. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8anythinggoes-1312621391 ez in AG too
  12. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8anythinggoes-1310529663-tf0jh5yg4vdto56epqclrmabb3lxavvpw
  13. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1308507085 new meta
  14. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1307259785-uk4pyeksh2xep813120nc72umx9pubopw new meta
  15. Yeah well... To be fair, in Friuli we really need to thank the regional government for closing everything down before getting a single official case, before the entire country started realizing what was happening....unlucky the rules weren't hard enough and a lot of people didn't take the virus too seriously at the beginning (and this is the national government fault) and we are now paying for the last 2 weeks mistakes. Hospitals, especially in Lombardia are facing a really big crisis, mostly cause of the number of beds and machines needed for the worst cases aren't enough, but right now the soldiers are starting some "camp hospitals" so it should be getting better... Markets are still up and running, honestly people didn't really hoard them for food, but mostly for other utilities like pellet, and such. But it's honestly really upsetting seeing other countries doing literally nothing to contain the spreading of the virus, especially France, that is second for numbers in EU. Also, @Vorred
  16. Thanks man, I really appreciate that you remember that it's my birthday
  17. Yeah yeah... It's pretty ok right here, no cases in town, people is doing fine without going crazy. Not really cool beeing forced to stay at home all day, but have to cope with it
  18. Vaan wasn't the main character of the XII. He was meant to represent the player, a normal kid getting caught up in something bigger than him, that stuck around till the end of the journey. Vaan was supposed to be the one whoose point of view we would use to see the story and the world of the grown ups. Ashe was the main character, the one that a real and solid goal in the story, followed by Basch and his persona redemption. Those are the 2 that kept the story moving, mostly Ashe, who was there at the beginning, and at the end of the game. Bathier also had some importance and goals in all of this, mostly a clean up of his past and from his father; he said in the end that he is the protagonist of the story to Vaan, and while he actually isn't, what he said to Vaan is important because it removes the protagonist role from Vaan himself, and pointing out that even if you aren't the main character, the main focus of the story or adventure, there is something that only you can do, and your contribute is no less usefull than the others. Fran and Penelo on the other hand are really there just as sidekick for their respective male counterparts. I think Fran had just a little moment on the Viera village and no more. The only think you'll remember Penelo for is getting kidnapped on the mine or whatever. I think FF XII was a lot underrated because it's the story of a group of men, fighitng other men. There are no otherwordly enemies trying to destroy the world. no witchies trying to distort time, no soldiers genetically tempered with alien genoma. Just normal humans ( considering them normal in a world where you get out of the city and get attacked by Dinos) fighting for normal and wordly things. Also, while i agree that XIII and sequels are really bad FF games, and that i don't consider XV a canon Final Fantasy, there are at least 3 other spin off that deserve to be mentioned. FF Tactics, either version for PSP or PS1. It's just a masterpiece. War of the Lions would have been the best game for PSP was it not for Tactics Ogre LUCT. FF Crisis Core, different king of game from all the others, has probably the best story of all, and the final battle, is just perfect. They were able to mix toghether battle and story all in one making you feeling how drammatic the moment was. FF Agito or Type 0. It's a pretty cool game, but really hard. It honestly left the Final Fantasy style and went on a more modern one. but still the last good Final Fantasy that was released (Fuck Brave Exvius)
  19. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8monotyperandombattle-1053939236 in on top 10 random monotype, most cancerous format ever
  20. Intimidate no longer affects Pokémon with Inner Focus, Oblivious, Scrappy, or Own Tempo. Intimidate also now triggers Rattled. Not just inner focus btw
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