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  1. meanwhile Londar has a 4.75% chance for 5*/Focus Units by summoning only blu orbs. Today decided to go all out with a complete multipull, and best i got was a 4* Bartre. Fuck this game
  2. Bow Breaker M Robin says hi
  3. Oh well, at least we got some new quest with orbs as rewards, that gave me shit.... Anyway, for now i gave Eirika Iceberg for some damage spur Fury 2 to Jeorge, and it`s pretty good Vantage 3 to Lucina Sword Breaker to Hinoka (was a bad choice actually, but ehhhh) I`m also considering giving Robin M Bowbreaker for the Takumi meme
  4. it's somewhat a mess....strong units will become stronger due to new abilitis, like Vantage Lucina, Fury or Life and Death on all the offensive units, Nino will be massive nuke etc...while weak units will still be weak in comparison to the strong units
  5. How to break the game Make strong units even stronger
  6. Nino
  7. Litterally Lazio-Udinese of some weeks ago But Serie A is a joke so who cares
  8. Got 5 free orbs today....making 9 total....went to summon some blu.... Got 2 Robin
  9. Has decent defensive capabilities that let's her take hits better than Azura and Olivia. When she is lower than 50% she can teleport near an ally AND Dance on it, allowing full map dance mobility. Decent offense too, but lower than Azura. She is also a really solid pick for Eirika and Nino teams, getting Atk/Spd/Def/Res Up so that Nino can do her best, nuking even god, and letting a free slot for another unit... There is the Dragon Team stuff, but Falchion is a really big threat, with Lucina in almost every team, but if you can take them out with Linde you are gonna do good in Arena Offense and general PvE. Tfw still no Ninian
  10. yes, now he isn't my friend anymore
  11. a friend ( no more ) of mine
  12. Yes i used all my orbs on the blue spheres hoping for Ninian ( or Lind, or Robin or Azura ) Got cucked
  13. Nox or Memu
  14. Jaffar, Rebecca and Priscilla soon.... How am i going to save orbs like that :(
  15. Yeah, till the very last chapter it was really good, not the typical survival game manga.