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  1. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-595938949 #NotLikeThis
  2. well, i didnt want to say it right now...but yeah....that's what i think as well....
  3. I'm not a Milan supporter but Donnarumma is a piece of shit. I hope Milan wont even let him warm the bench. One season watching the matches in TV and losing the World Cup spot. I'm also really afraid of what will happen next year, and some under the table agreements. But i'm not gonna post them yet till there is actually a proof
  4. Not really. If he really wanted he would have already accepted and signed the contract, Raiola, as fishy as he is, is doing his job. Most likelly, he is trying to get as much money from Milan this season, and next one, thanks to the clause he wants on the contract, Donnarumma will go to another big team, for a lots of money. Money that will go like 75% to Milan and 25% to Raiola ( Pogba style ).
  5. Milan did a good job till now, the only problem is Donnarumma
  6. yeah, was announced yesterday at E3. Still no news if it's a main title, or something new.
  7. Better
  8. shit
  9. apparently there is this leak nothing confirmed yet
  10. What to expect? Pokemon Star? Diamond/Pearl Remake for 3DS/Switch? What would you like to see?