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  1. Lord El-Melloi Case Files... Maybe Accelerator spin off, but just maybe
  2. i remember that match, italy got robbed there, but honestly i don't think italy could have done much better, and would have most likelly lost the next one anyway
  3. Don't like MHA. But I've seen a cool video on YouTube describing it as the next turning point on Shonen works, just like Hokuto no Ken and DragonBall were before But I still don't like it
  4. https://youtu.be/4vNAyIkBazE
  5. Also, apparently some kind of regional form as well, just like Alhola in Sun and Moon
  6. Oh come one fucking useless forum Anyway, if the leak is true, Dunsparce Evo hype
  7. I didn't vote for the Belgium elections as well.....feelsbadman
  8. Martin told the showrunners who was gonna be the King, but he let to them decide how (and they fucked up) The rest was up to them (and they fucked up) Most likely in the books Brann will still be the king, but i hope in a better way
  9. How can Argentina leave out the best goalkeeper Juan Musso
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