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  1. 2D girl appreciation thread

    Is this Othinus appreciation thread?
  2. That's just the tip....why selling him for only 1.5 Mil? He is a 10+ goals every season player.....and in his place Maxi Lopez who hasn`t scored 10 goals since 10 years or so....We also lost Zapata, and that was something everyone knew since he was a Napoli player. Got this Bajic who has played mayve 30 minutes till now. Lost more than 20 goals with just those 2. But the real issue is the complete lack of any play idea, today the first half looked like Udinese was some Serie D team against Real Madrid. The coach is so stubborn and afraid or trying something new, that keeps the same losing team and losing changes every match.... Not to talk about the management, thay have lost any interest in Udinese and are just focused on fuckford. We are just a way to make money for the other club..... I lost any hope today...if we keep on going like this Serie B is unavoidable
  3. Beeing a udinese supporter is suffering
  4. I hope italy won't pass the turn. The ct is a fucking poop who isn't able to send on the field an organaized team. The way he choose players is also fucking stupid Does he play in Seria A? -Yes: choose him -No: Did he played with Torino? --Yes: choose him --No: he isn't ready for the national team Also >4 2 4
  5. Music General Thread

  6. @RysPicz fuck happened with Varsavia supporters?
  7. Index Season III is not a meme anymore!
  8. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    I'm not sure you understand what i'm saying. I was correcting the guy saying that clomplex bans on moves/abilities/items let some pokes go around different tiers. It's not like that. I also have no idea about the exceptions you are talking about. There have been cases where an ability made a single pokemon too strong, causing the ban of the pokemon itself (just like SB-Ken, like i said previously) but there were and are also cases where a single move or ability got banned cause of it's disturbing presence, like AT that got completly banned, or Baton Pass, or D/D in UU etc.
  9. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Didn`t know about the soul dew nerf, but i guess i now know why i`ve never seen it used... About the megas it`s pretty much the same thing. Banning Mega Luke or the stone has the same effect (unless you want to run it on something else, but really...). Just wording difference, the point is the same
  10. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Honestly, i can`t think of many cases where smogon banned a SINGLE pokemon only when using X Ability/Move/Item, insted of banning them, especially in lower tiers where you can/could find some funny bans like Smash Shell some time ago. Blaziken was and is (i guess, haven`t seen anything about it latelly) uber, not just SB Blaziken. Arena Trap just got banned, not Arena Trap Dug. As far as i know, there were never any X pokemon in OU with Y item, while it`s UU without. Megas dont count since those are considered "stand alone" pokes. Items can be banned from tiers tho (like Soul Dew was, not sure if it`s still banned, but i guess it is since i`ve never seem it in OU)

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