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  1. Yeah, Napoli is looking for some more offensive players. After Milik issues only Mertens was left (Napoli should have Inglese too, but they agreed with Chievo to let them keep him till the next season). Now Insigne is also out, so they are in need of someone who can take their place till they get better, and Delofeuo, having also some experience in Serie A is one of the names they are following. The real issue is Napoli coach, who is able to make play only 1 team, and when an element of that team is out they have big problems, plus, he always sends on the filed the same 14-15 players keeping some good names on the bench, so i don't know how good for Delo would be going to Napoli right now
  2. Well, was somewhat lucky for Juve and Roma
  3. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    it's really sad when a single pokemon keeps in check your all team with its 2 stabs but it feels really good when you win anyway https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-672028878
  4. Big hopes on Last Encore. It is not your standard hgw, and there is a lot of room for a big hit anime. Plus Nero
  5. 2D girl appreciation thread

  6. I know, Type-Moon is wasting all of their resources to make lolis in Grand Order
  7. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar the first places. Honestly it was quite easy to guess, since the prize is pretty much sponsor/money driven
  8. Poor Milan @Artemiseta 2-2 at the last minute, the opposing gk scored the goal
  9. Still need to work on the defense phase. The penalty was a silly mistake, but it happens to do that so whatever, but the second and third goal are not accepted in serie a. Now the real match is on monday
  10. Lost only 0-1 against Napoli, and they only had 2 shots on target and a (quite weird) penalty. The new coach is finally putting the players in their roles, this is a nice progress
  11. Against who did we need to lose and play like shit to fire Delneri?

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