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  1. Yeah, used PSpice, and Simetrix is quite similar actually. My problem was that the ideal DC transformer doesn't have a Primary Inductance value, that I need to define some target values for the converter. I added an inductor to simulate the primary inductance and apparently it didn't work out, but I had just to change some settings on the simulation details. Anyway, I'm in Udine if you ever get back here. Trieste isn't far away as well
  2. Nice, if you ever come near Venice tell me. I think I got the solution actually, was just a simulation setting problem. I have to make a dc/dc flyback converter from scratch and was having problems with the transformer model used by the software
  3. @axx i need some help with Simetrix/Simplis Do you know something about it?
  4. londark

    Pokémon GO

    Dio caro, caga
  5. londark

    Pokémon GO

    Been catching like 60 pokes daily cause on the beach and have enough free time to walk around. There is also the Water Fes with a lot of possible shines I would love, Karp, Carvanha, Tentacool, Squirtle, Feebas... And Horsea, I fucking love Horsea. Today got my first shiny of the event. Mudkip... After its comuty day... 5th one Never seen a shiny in any Raid myself... Anyway, at least I evolved the Feebas for the quest
  6. londark

    Pokémon GO

    >evolve a feebas quest Ez, water event soon, gonna get a bunch of them >no feebas spawn Fuck
  7. londark

    Pokémon GO

    Anyone up for refrending to complete jirachi quest?
  8. londark

    Pokémon GO

    1398 1771 8067 Feel free to add me
  9. londark

    Pokémon GO

    I've started playing again... It's a cool way to kill time. Really casual player tho
  10. Dark Type Yeah, i guess Linoone got a new evolution
  11. Nerf Gigas and the Hax https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7monotyperandombattle-955651994
  12. memeing on vgc https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2019ultraseries-952492994
  13. Suggest me a good horror movie, no Annabelle or Conjuring shit, something more like The Descent
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