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  1. Fortnite

    Shit game
  2. I'm still wondering why Chelsea bought Giroud.....i think he is an overrated player. Mediocre striker for a middle-low tier team...
  3. Overrated coach, with overrated players payed way ti much.... I'm happy when those big spenders fail against smaller teams
  4. Manga General Thread

    Ehhh.... Probably. But when they inserted the heart back in the doll it was still covered with black thorns....so she will probably be a uguu to guts
  5. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

  6. imo Higuain won the match to juventus. Higuain is a winner and has a winner mentality, making him able to play like shit for 60 or so minutes, and then make gold out of 2 actions, killing the match, or better, killing the opponents morale. I honestly don't feel like praising Allegri at all. Juventus is winning sure, but everyone can see how they play (hint, like shit). I'm worried that the first match against some big name with more experience, and a decent defense ( not like the spurs), will sign the end of this year champions for Juve. And this isn't true only for Champions, but even in Serie A, where even against mediocre teams Juve has some issues, and especially doesn't play at all. Compared to last season, and the start of this season, Juventus is playing really poorly, and you can't expect to always bring home the victory going on like that, cause there will be for sure the day when the luck will look against them. Imo if Tottenham had passed they would have not robbed anyone, and they showed some pretty good football in both matches. Hope they will have better luck next season
  7. Not even a yellow card for this.... Inter had to rob the last team of Serie A to win the game
  8. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2018-707839682 This one was pretty good
  9. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2018-706882896 I'm starting to understand this stuff
  10. We have 3.5 strikers Lasagna, 7 goal, the only one who can score is out Perica 1 goal Maxi Lopez 2 goals (1 penalty) De Paul isn't a striker and scored 3 or 4 goals but all were penalties We have no one who can score, if it ends 0 0 it will be good enough

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