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  1. Honestly, while i would love to see Denmark or Switz winning just cause they have Stryger and Beherami, if i have to take a possible team to take the victory i would go with England. Im a Kane fanboy
  2. Get fucked Germany andale andale arriba arriba
  3. Tbh I can't say I care much about this WC without Italy.... I'm just gonna follow Denmark a little cause there is Stryger Larsen from Udinese, one of the probably only 3 players that I would save from last season
  4. Boy, if we keep going like this nothing is gonna save Udinese from Serie B next year
  5. Man, Liverpool needs a new GK
  6. londark

    Goodbye ma boys

    Ottima scelta
  7. Lazio deserved the spot in Champions for what they did during the entire season
  8. Who is playing Girls Frontline?
  9. Started re-watching Full Metal Panic from the first season. I also got the urge of re-reading the Manga, or even reading the LN Feelsgood beeing able to watch anime again
  10. Worst team of 2018 Well, that still is an achievement
  11. Bayern can blame whoever they want, but the streak of mistakes pro Real goes on. I hope Liverpool will open their ass wide

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