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  1. Cool stuff Interesting the Steel Eevee
  2. <3

    1. londark


      Nice to see you againĀ 

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      You too, babu

  3. Also another thing. Really funny how everyone goes for Juve B, but no one mention that we had 1 (one) midfielder aviable to play. Mandragora out, Behrami broken, Barak Broken, D'Alessandro Broken, Sandro half broken. Only Fofana was a real midfielder. On the offensive side? Teodorczyk is sick, Okaka out, Lasagna half broken. And had to play with 2 Wings, and one of them was also not at his best condition. Luckily we have a lot of defenders, although Samir who should be a starting one is out. So yeah, congrats?
  4. I'm already pissed for the match, the loss wasnt really a big surprise, but this year with this coach I've seen the worst football ever played by Udinese. 7 defenders, and 3 midfielders is enough to describe what kind of mentality he is giving to the team. Not only that, but I think that most of the players don't even need to wash their kit cause I'm pretty sure they didn't really sweat that much, walking on the field instead of running. Players, coach and management have reached the lowest level this year. And what makes me even more pissed is that we got bent this summer to Juventus, and payed Mandragora 20 fucking milions, when he is shit, just to help them out with the financial balance after buying Ronaldo (not like we are the only ones, Cagliari, Sampdoria, Genoa did the same)... Anyway, we are fighting to stay in Serie A next year, and for now we are still there (but I belive 1 or 2 years in B could really help the team, and the management to get rid of some suckers).... Juventus on the other hand? We will see who will laugh next week. It could be quite a shame investing more that 100 milions on Ronaldo to win the CL and getting out so soon.
  5. They could be fake, especially the grass one. Don't remember any official artwork with the pokemon portraied from the side... Altho the art looks really really good and accurate for a fake Anyway, agree that the grass one looks ugly, and actually yeah, he gives some Digimon vibes But the water one is pretty cool in my opinion
  6. Just some leaks, nothing sure about them.... Should be the evos of Grass and Water starters... Grass one looks a little weird to define typewise.... Could be just Grass or maybe Grass Fairy? Water one looks like and easy Water Steel
  7. Real out.... PSG out.... Feels soooooo good
  8. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-868895932
  9. No, it's not a meme, new pokemon games On my phone, some of you nerds post the vids and pics
  10. All up to Inter. They have a solid team, with some really good singles, but they sleep during some matches, and generally are able to miss a lot on front of the target. Really hard one for Frankfurt
  11. Posting this just so that I can repost it when Sarri will fuck up next time
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