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  1. Martin told the showrunners who was gonna be the King, but he let to them decide how (and they fucked up) The rest was up to them (and they fucked up) Most likely in the books Brann will still be the king, but i hope in a better way
  2. How can Argentina leave out the best goalkeeper Juan Musso
  3. Welp.... Not sure how I fell about the ending. I was expecting something more, all in all it wasn't super bad, it probably had still room for something more than that.... All in all, shit season
  4. Feels good not having any kind of Social Network... Then again, fucking Google spoiled episode 3 for me, so whatever
  5. As i said before, Arya was most likely the only character that had a chance at killing the night king. No one else could have defeated him in a 1vs1 or even a more-than-1vs1...then for me the issue is, the entire Serie started with them, they were considered the biggest threat ever seen in westeros, than boom, 5 seconds, night King stabbed, and everything is done. We have so little information about them. How does the night King creates the others? What did he do all this time before the winter? What was the connection with Bran? It looked almost like they didn't even try. Same with Cersei, and to some extend Jaime (I still cant belive Euron was able to hit Jaime TWICE, or that he was even able to Kill a dragon). She didn't even had a last showdown with Daenerys or Tiryon (or Sansa, would have liked a reunion for them). It was like they went for the easy way to kill them, forgetting or even defeating all the characters grown till that point. Then, I belive the Daenerys change of mind was somewhat easy to call. The issue in my opinion is with Tiryon and Jon, starting with Varys death. They both let her execute the only real "good" character of the Serie (like, ha was actually really good, thinking about the people) without saying anything. I personally am not liking Jon this season at all, and I think Tiryon lost all his wits. Now let's take a second to remember how Davos was in every big battle in the Serie, and survived them all.
  6. So much wrong things in this episode.... Davos MPV Jon is pooped The hound deserved a better death Jaime and Cersei death was dull Euron could not injury Jaime Varys was the most righteous in the end If Arya is alive she will kill Daenerys or be killed by her What the is the meaning of the horse sequence?
  7. Hope Tottenham will win the CL... Don't care about Arsenal or Chelsea. Fun fact all the finalist English teams have a foreigner coach (City, that will win PL most likely too)
  8. The only meme tonight is the the 4th goal. Top class corner
  9. Crypt part was the most pooped... "where can we hide weak people so that the dead can't find them, to protect them? Oh right in a place already full of deads without anyone armed! "
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