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  1. Rin still best girl, Sakura is used goods
  2. Another easy victory stolen from Udinese hands. Thanks Ref! You da MVP once again!
  3. Calm Mind/Psychic/Hp Electric/High Jump Kick(Focus Punch if you are balsy enough)
  4. >thinking donator status actually helps >10% of litterally zero is still zero
  5. No, they gonna buy strong and promising players, becoming stronger, while other teams will keep beeing bad cause they either have no money or their management sucks. This means Juve will keep monopolizing Serie A, killing almost from the start the league. They can bring another CL spot, but no team in Seria A deserve it. It`s a joke that the last spot for EL is gonna go to either Milan, Inter or Fiorentina, that are playing like shits against the last teams of the league, making it seems like they want to avoid the euro league. While Roma doesn`t have the mindset of winners, selling their best players (to teams that compete with them, look at Pjianic) and buying randoms, while Napoli is still to young of a team to compete for winning Serie A yet, and it will all come down with their management and see if they will keep or sell the players that are making the team go like this (look at Higuain last year). There is no story, Juventus is too strong for Serie A, and will keep getting stronger, while the direct competitors will keep getting weaker. There is only the Made in China question of Milan and Inter, but looking at them this year, they will keep beeing memes
  6. tfw juve going for the triplete tfw juve gonna get a lot of money out of it tfw juve gonna kill Seria A even more than what it already is Udinese still #1
  7. Man. U penalty is also disgusting
  8. And then Ike banner was a massive bait for the OP All Stars Banner... Luckilly i didn`t pull for Ike, went in for any All Star, got Hector in my last orb in my first multi pull! The fucker is -Atk +Res tho
  9. best OST ever complete OST
  10. Who was waiting for Ike?