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  1. Most notable victory https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ubers-1000460414
  2. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ubers-999557945
  3. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ubers-999357976 @Vaeldras https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ubers-999360471
  4. Ah ok, yeah, if I get the ok I'll start. Got already the shopping list ready
  5. Not sure I understand what you mean honestly. The output current is already at 4A (5/1.25), used the max output current cause during lessons I was told to always use the minimum possible Rout when making this kind of regulator. Unless you mean to use a Norton load with a current generator of 4A
  6. Hope like this It's easier to understand I increased a little the cut off frequency to 33K, the rest should be correct. The ESR is 170m. EDIT: I also did a fast stability check on the regulator and it's stable using those values. The poles and zero frequencies are also really close to the chosen ones, and it should be pretty cool. Using simplis to simulate the regulator and PWM on a Buck converter using the flyback values it works decently enough. I also don't really need a perfect regulator, but i just needed to do some math on it, the actual feedback control on the circuit is done by the LT3758
  7. @axx So, i'm almost done with everything, i just need to design a regulator. I went for a type 2 scheme with an Opamp and a feedback with 2 capacitors and 1 resistor. These are the specs: Vin = 9-36V Vout = 5V Iout = 0-4A f = 100KHz I got a Rout of 1.25, an Lm of 23u and a Cout of 40u ( it's big but i had required ripple of less than 0.5V peak). To design the compensator i usually set the cutting frequency at around f/10, and i choose the components so that the compensator zero is equal to the flyback pole and viceversa the compensator pole is equal to the flyback pole. I don't know why this time i'm getting weird numbers, could it be because this time i'm having a step down type converter and so the gain is less than 1?
  8. Yeah, used PSpice, and Simetrix is quite similar actually. My problem was that the ideal DC transformer doesn't have a Primary Inductance value, that I need to define some target values for the converter. I added an inductor to simulate the primary inductance and apparently it didn't work out, but I had just to change some settings on the simulation details. Anyway, I'm in Udine if you ever get back here. Trieste isn't far away as well
  9. Nice, if you ever come near Venice tell me. I think I got the solution actually, was just a simulation setting problem. I have to make a dc/dc flyback converter from scratch and was having problems with the transformer model used by the software
  10. @axx i need some help with Simetrix/Simplis Do you know something about it?
  11. londark

    Pokémon GO

    Dio caro, caga
  12. londark

    Pokémon GO

    Been catching like 60 pokes daily cause on the beach and have enough free time to walk around. There is also the Water Fes with a lot of possible shines I would love, Karp, Carvanha, Tentacool, Squirtle, Feebas... And Horsea, I fucking love Horsea. Today got my first shiny of the event. Mudkip... After its comuty day... 5th one Never seen a shiny in any Raid myself... Anyway, at least I evolved the Feebas for the quest
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