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  1. londark

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Skill in randbats doesn't matter
  2. wew finally coming to Italy.....Got my tissues ready since i'll cry like a baby
  3. londark

    Homework / Study Help Thread

    ye, now help me
  4. londark

    Homework / Study Help Thread

    Long story short On Xmas break right now, will be back at uni on monday, with an exam (damn right). Professor is on break too and won't respond to our mails...So i'll be seeking some help here as well. Subject is System and Control Theory. Here are some question i'm stuck on. Will add other problems later if someone can help. For other feel free to ask for help on whatever you are studying
  5. Lord El-Melloi II Case Files anime confirmed... What a time to be alive
  6. londark

    Football discussion thread

    Anyone who watched Argentina's last match? How did De Paul do during the second half?
  7. londark

    Football discussion thread

    I can't fucking belive it... Udinese 35 shots, 19 on target, 1 goal Empoli around 10 shots, 4 on target 2 goals And down we go
  8. londark

    Football discussion thread

    >23 shoots >only 2 on target Shame on Liverpool... Was hoping they could get beter luck than last year
  9. londark

    Football discussion thread

    Then every time someone takes the opponent shirt/arm/shoulder who is running towards the goal should take a red cards cause they as well do that on purpose I could link the analisis of why that isn't a red card fail from more sources taking the official rules into account, but it would be in Italian... But i can see your point I honestly don't care much about Var, there were big mistakes without it, there are less, but still big mistakes with it... So whatever
  10. londark

    Football discussion thread

    No it wasn't, as it was also confirmed by mosts....then there should be a lot of reds cards going on in every match, at least here in Italy. I can name 2 against Genoa against Udinese, that were santioned with yellows (fair imo). The rules are pretty clear on what is and what isn't a red card. That one wasn't. Nuytinck also didn't even get him that hard, he just touched him enough to make him trip on his high foot.... Also, talking about mistakes, the ref stopped Lasagna going straight to Donnarumma cause Zapata, getting burned in speed, dropped down after a little contact, when Lasagna was already escaping him. The rules says that in that case you don't stop the play, and eventually, in case of a gol, you check the Var.
  11. londark

    Football discussion thread

    I'm just pissed that we lost cause of a pooped mistake when the match was already done.... Tbh I think that in the second half Milan deserved more, but in the end if you don't score you don't win, and Milan got lucky that Opoku turned his brain off 30 seconds before the end. Also the red card was a mistake imo cause by rules thats not a violent tackle, and it did not pose a direct threat to the opponent, and of course it wasn't a last man situation.. .. It was just a (imo at least) tecnic faul to stop a counter... Yellow for sure, not red... But still, really pissed for the end
  12. londark

    Pokemon Trading Card Game Thread

    eh, decided to download the game again....RIP all my old standard teams.. now time to check the new meta stuff
  13. londark

    Football discussion thread

    @Tranzmaster O boy water is happening to Belgium League?
  14. londark

    Pokemon Trading Card Game Thread

    Used to play quite a lot, but stopped around 1 year ago... (again) My top performing decks were: Gardevoir GX + Zoroark GX. Quite solid, had issues against Buzzwolls and Metal Decks, like ADugtrio Buzzwoll in general. Used more the variant with Zoroark, but the Zygarde+Regirock worked super well too. I guess the rotation happened, or will soon, so Rip old EX But the deck I loved the most was Nuzzle Raichu GX. A bunch of Pikachus with Nuzzle and Pachirisu to get some massive damages after evolving into Raichu GX. Added also Koko for some switching advantage, and the MVP Xurkitree to fuck over most GarchompLucario decks and Passimians... Really liked that one Also, obviously with a Lele or 2 on every deck
  15. londark

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Yeah, I've read Amazones deck is one of the most consistent, together with Vampires....for now I'll just keep going with Warriors and Junk/Genex teams that while not really consistent are at least usable with what I have now.... I'll try to build Amazones and Vampires now

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