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  1. thanks for your service! there is obviously no need to confirm the credibility of this awesome person anymore, but imma leave this here anyway 20/20
  2. can't find no breeder for rotom breeds? Spxter got yo' back! fast service, would use again 20/20
  3. According my most recent observations, I disagree with the hypothesis of swarms appearing only on minutes divisible by 5. I documented two swarms where the last announcement on TV was at xx:41 and at minute xx:42 it switched back to regular adds. One to see below. Other than that 20minutes duration on each swarm seems about right - at least I have not documented anything longer than that.
  4. Thanks for creating this guide! I've been swarm and pheno hunting for a bit now and I noticed that especially since the latest changes on May 15th the number of swarms has increased drastically. Maybe this is only my personal view because I didn't actively look for them before, but yeah. I made a screenshot of most of them and count 30 different swarms between May 16th 3pm and May 18th 5am. And thats just the ones I could catch. Gonna fill in the form now. Let me know if you need or want my screenshots of the swarms. Cheers RedRunt Edit: I filled out the form and have to add a few things. The times I stated are CEST and rounded according to the data my screenshots and my memories provided. I mostly rushed to the swarms to catch them asap, since I never knew how long they existed for and when they were gonna disappear. Maybe next time I will try to at least get the exact time of disappearance on the TV after I catch them. Also huge credit to DanMarshall who has been calling out swarms on global chat like a machine for like ever!
  5. I just started with gym runs using 2typhlosions with tailwind and drought setup noticed some changes in teams from day to day and got pointed into the gym run guide section. and wow the effort you put into scouting the teams! omg thank you so much dude! just wanted to pay some respect to your work
  6. the horde pickup change has hit me hard :( only found one Item via ability pickup and a handfull via trainer pickup on hordes since the change
  7. I guess since its the 5 neutral natures missing - its likely that berries dont work on these. Or maybe OP just left them out because they are irrelevant for most people.
  8. Where do I edit my notification list? I can't find it in settings for chat/language. Where do I edit my notification list? I can't find it in settings for chat/language. Edit: nvm I found my answer in another thread regarding phenos forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/135206-does-anybody-know-the-specifics-of-pheno-spawn-mechanics
  9. exactly refererring to the modern age of globalization and digitalization
  10. today is a flexible term in this modern age
  11. Another Day in Unova - an extraordinary happy one :) Lostlorn Forest Route 10 Route 12 Route 14 Route 16 and the glorious finish
  12. @Genets I see. Yeah I agree with you - contributing to this guide makes it way more worthwhile for me too. I have a payday maxed meowth too, I use that when looking for single pokemon to complete my OT dex, but most of the time I use my pickup linoone for EV training. There are a lot of active pvp players and breeders in my team so I usually get a request whenever I am online that takes about 30-60minutes or so. And paying attention to item pickups and documenting it on the side helps me concentrate on my grinding business and prevents me from getting distracted in the chat - seems like we have quite different styles but kinda similar motivations hehe.
  13. @Genets yo mad respect for that endurance and dedication of yours! do you follow any particular schedule or method while testing? like one location for one hour each day or something?
  14. Latest Results from Unova postgame and EV training spots Route 10 Route 12 Route 15
  15. sign me back in for next week pls
  16. all setup and done my hoenn team will bring doom upon you! now i only got to not fuckup the signup...
  17. Kanto Route 15 Nidorino Hordes Unova Route 10 Bouffalant Hordes
  18. wow ... i think the definition for boredom needs some adjustments
  19. So is every single IV+Nature Combo you listed in the spoilers on the front page an actual pokemon lying around in your ingame bank and you are just waiting for us to pick one and make an offer? that right?
  20. Isle Six Waterpath Grass Persian Hordes Super Potion Trainerpickup Hoenn Route 120 Tall Grass Single Encounters Mixed
  21. I noticed that the adding colored highlighting changes the file type from .png to .jpg and multiplies the file size by 5-10times -> so imma try uploading without highlighting for single items. Think that should be fine, but let me know if I should go back to highlighting. surfing in fuchsia behind the safari wardens house tentacruel hordes trainertower -> I also found 1 or 2 Stardust, but for some reason i failed to take a screenshot :/ Unova Route 10 Hoenn Route 126 Underwater
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