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  1. FUNDIP'S COMMISSIONS Payments (in-game currency) go to the user FundripFundip * GUIDELINES -No NSFW or Suggestive Themes -References of Characters are required -Please credit me when reposting the commission -PAY ME AFTER I HAVE COMPLETED THE PIECE * PRICES Flat Colour- 200k Shaded + Colour - 350k Additional Characters- 100k Each PRICES MAY GO UP OR DOWN ACCORDING TO COMPLEXITY OF DESIGNS. PLEASE DON'T PAY ME UNTIL I HAVE GIVEN YOU A TOTAL. BACKGROUNDS WILL BE TRANSPARENT WITH A WHITE BORDER, UNLESS A BACKGROUND COLOUR IS SPECIFIED * APPLICATION TEMPLATE Anything marked with * is a required field *References: - *Flat or Shaded: - Desired Background Colour: - Desired Expression / Pose: - Miscellaneous Information: - * ART SAMPLES
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