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  1. This game doesnt require trade to evolve certain pokemon that evolve while trade, instead this game using evolve stone, If you dont know what stone to use, just buy all evolution stone and test one by one on your pokemon
  2. Pokemon shop at Celadon City or Cerulean City mart.(sorry for late respond)
  3. To the people who wondering how to evolve pokemon that only evolve via trade, THis game doesnt require trade evolve thingy, instead it evolve using Evo Stone. try it.
  4. ow Omanyte cant be encounter, Who know NPC that had this pokemon?
  5. I got a question, Is there any NPC that have Omanyte cuz i can simply use cheat code "steal their pokemon" or she can be ecnounter in wild?
  6. While searching for Latios i found Suicine. Not bad
  7. wait Latios on Seafoam Island or Route 20? Thats weird
  8. Seem cant i cant found Latios or Latias i "borrow (steal actually using cheat code) from Lance. I only found his mega Latias and steal it. But a weird thing happen, it became mega evolution forever (for me its good). Now only just need to find latios . Is there Latios location in this game btw?
  9. Will the next Unova update have Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon like Zekrom and Reshiram?
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