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  1. The level caps exist for a reason 😐
  2. It can be found at the starting point of the safari(iirc) ^^
  3. BlueZacian


    Old post rebirth?
  4. Imo , best would be just spamming pokeballs. The safari costs 500$ only , so go in, go to the spot, keep pressing the keys until to find the poke, and spam pokeballs while doing anything irl Rocks and baits doesn't increase the chances much anyways , it's almost pure luck , so increase the number of times you do it by simply following the same method xD
  5. Welcome to the game πŸ˜›
  6. If no one can Then I will, ez + He asked me to not ignore him, so couldn't resist , Dunno where you got the idea of mini modding, but I don't think asking a person to don't spam , and helping them by guiding them to a place which have a answer to their question isn't mini modding :v
  7. I wonder why, but the link is invisible in dark mode of the site xD You can still touch it and I'll redirect you to the discord , but you can't see it xD
  8. As @GodofKawaiisaid, you could have just edited the post, also, as it's just for story, you can train same pokes anywhere, where you can find high level Mons that you can kill ^^ If you need any help, feel free ask, but please don't spam. Thank you
  9. Hello, Jose already replied to your answer on the other topic, please don't spam, you have already created 3 topics :) https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/136753-help-me/&tab=comments#comment-1802822
  10. Oh , you mean assist isn't supposed to work that way In pokemmo :0
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