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  1. Just wanted to say mention your discord id ^^
  2. The mods for pc can't be used on android. To install the mods on android,you first have to download the mod and extract it , next open the game APK, near the client customisation option where you put the ROMs, you'll see mod management option, click on it, then locate the mod file and select it.Make sure it's ticked and it'll work
  3. That's for the pokemmo software , not the mods I believe. The mods are created by other players only I believe.
  4. Am I allowed to make a collage of around 4-5 pics(maybe showing a story) and post it(without any emojis or things, just collage) Will it be a valid entry?
  5. Can you do this please? ^^ And I'll mention you too so make sure you participate mwahahah :v
  6. How do I close a topic btw?
  7. Okay , Ty for replying ^^
  8. I Would like to know if staff also have their own events? I mean they don't participate in tournaments and catching events with normal players , so isn't it too boring for them. .-. Can we get some events for staff too? Or actually , I don't mind holding one c: It would be my pleasure holding one ❤️
  9. I'm 100% sure I won't regret this :) Please make one for me too
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