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  1. I see. Glad to hear that I saved some money already. Would love for it to land on the correct nature the second time around as well but I don't think I'm that lucky lol Good to know, definitely will keep that in mind. thank you both
  2. I'm in the middle of trying to breed a 5x31 hippopotas and now in my breeding I stumbled upon the nature I wanted (careful) for my 5x31, except I'm only at a 4x31 right now. I am confused on what to do now, because if I just keep breeding like normal this good nature will go away... However if I breed another 4x31 to breed with my current one I wouldn't be able to pass both the extra IV and the nature... I'm thinking of maybe breeding an unnatured 5x31 and then letting that one hold the bracelet for the last stat I want and then placing an everstone on my current Hippopotas. But I see n
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