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  1. Alpha Sapphire ftw. can't wait

    1. FutureChampion


      I don't think we 3DS buddies yet Whale

    2. justicewhale


      Only just started adding people lol

  2. this game, forums and mods have really become utterly pathetic and I didn't think it could get much worse than what it was previously

  3. Pokemmo should be on comedy central cause its the funniest shit in the world (say the last part like jeremy clarkson for added effect)

  4. still got the sexiest character in the game

    1. Toira


      your avatar is still wearing a santa hat :P

    2. justicewhale


      Yeah I know. Think of me as santa whale :D

      In three months time ill be the first person on these forums with a santa hat on :P

    3. justicewhale


      look at that cute santa whale profile pic now! :D

  5. I think I should stop being surprised whenever I log on after 5 months and I still see the same people on these forums :P

  6. the whale cometh and the whale hath gone and fut has once again gone onto my profile. ah the good old days. Become champ one day champ :P

    1. Malorne


      do you even fb (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    2. FutureChampion


      In the Future I will

    3. justicewhale


      uk top gear > us top gear by far. but no i dont really fb

  7. gotta love cape town. can get a 3ds for R1200 but you cant buy pokemon x or y :/

  8. aaahhh forgot how much i love reading and writing especially since i do it all at work even though im a graphic artist. oh and hi pokemmo. hows everyone doing?

    1. Emlee
    2. justicewhale


      hi fran... i mean sd..... i mean emlee..... wait.... Fran-sd-emlee..... frans demlee. Ha! i just created a new character for my story. :)

  9. im a large milkshake, throw ice cream on me

    1. kloneman


      First you got to jiggle that booty.

    2. justicewhale


      me jiggle my fat whale ass? may cause some tidal waves

    3. kloneman


      I will jiggle your fat whale ass myself then.

  10. ah ffs I logged in on this account. dammit! I blame emlee entirely. should have banned me :(

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    2. XxJessicaJungxX


      wow this was the only other person I saw that Liked Jessica Jung Q_Q

    3. ZombiWhale


      its all your fault! :P

    4. ZombiWhale


      Jessica Jung ftw!

  11. Last profile update. Goodbye all

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    2. ZombiWhale


      Happy thoughts Toira! Happy thoughts!

    3. Emlee


      ;O You're alive

    4. ZombiWhale


      Undead. Zombie style :D

  12. Last day that the whale graces these forums

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