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  1. So my suggestion of clothing is to make the uniforms of the Manjo gang of tokyo tokyo anime revengers . I sketched to get a say on how it would :D
  2. Well I would like to give you a suggestion for something very simple that I still don't know as it's not in the game. I was recently playing when a friend asked me to look at their ranked battle. however when I went looking for his battle I couldn't find it due to the disorganization of the system to watch battles. My suggestion is : Have a search bar to search the player. Or The game gives priority to players who are on the friends or team list.
  3. Our really amazing. I wanted to know how to do topics like that but when I tried some issues limited me . There's a lot of secrecy in the themes I don't know yet
  4. Well I've been thinking about it for a long time and how about if the creators of pokeMMO did the new regions like Kalos , Alola and Galar through hack-Roms ? We know that these games are in 3d so they could hardly be placed in pokeMMO. So why not do these regions through GBA hack roms? I think this would be a good move and would certainly adapt very well to the climate of pokeMMO
  5. Smeargle , I was looking for the shiny version of it and found it with only 2 thousand encounters, and it's only 5 hours of shiny hunt. I've never been so lucky in my life
  6. I forgot something use this mod too: it's kind of heavy, it can crash your game even on a computer sometimes, but it's worth it
  7. Hello friend, unfortunately this is not possible, but you can bring pokeMMO to 8 gen with themes and some mods that I personally use. An example is this: As for the houses in 3d this is not possible either. But it is possible to use a hack rom that makes kanton more beautiful that works in pokeMMO. In general the buildings are not in 3D but are much more beautiful than the originals. I hope I have helped in some way
  8. First, hello Well pokéMON already has several tapes many of them that I manage without realizing, the idea of adding more tapes seems good, but it is useless, pokeMMO still has several things to be implemented and even another region is still being planned, and we still have bugs that need to be solved, the developers would not have time to think about tapes That's my opinion
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