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  1. How is it possible for someone to have this pokemon?
  2. I found it interesting, I found a shiny on the 16th, so I don't think I'm lucky enough for the event, but I hope I can join in the fun 😄 One question, is it necessary that the pokemons already come with the shapes that were requested? or can we find them in their pre-evolutions?
  3. I'm on Mount Coronet looking for Arceus. Now I have to go back to my illusion ):
  4. Hello, welcome, I guarantee you will have a lot of fun here.
  5. the mod is extremely light, the songs are not very big orchestra tracks with 3 minutes at most, and they don't exceed 5mb and the whole mod hasless than 10 songs
  6. I made a small personal mod to make my experience in the game more comfortable 😄 However, I feel a drop in performance exactly where the soundtracks are altered. do you know how i can fix this? The songs I use are OGG files, because the MP3s weren't working, and they don't exceed 5mb
  7. I found it interesting, but... Where's johto?
  8. Well in theory this system already exists, but in practice it's really messed up. You have my support 🙂 UP
  9. Well friend , pokemon is that , capture , battle and hunt shiny , the most you can do differently is explore the map and complete the national dex and maybe compete in Contest with friends ^^ Other than that, when the new content arrives (Jotho) the game will be more boring and the only thing I'm looking forward to jotho is the furret hordes so I can find a brilliant
  10. Due to the great power of pokémon bidoof, I think he should enter the ubers tier, what do you think?
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