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  1. We know this? I thought that a few things may change but not everything. My understanding is he wanted Bran on the throne, but par example he intended Jon to kill the NK and not Arya. I also understood that he was setting up Dany to go mad. I could easily be wrong, but I don't think he will change everything.
  2. I really agree with you on the NK let down. There should have been something bigger for that battle - I think it needed at least three episodes? Just more development, and more answers I agree. Bran can go to hell though omg, he's been such comic relief for me this season hahahaha. There wasn't really any arguing against Dany killing Varys I think. He was trying to kill/poison her and he knew the consequences (she told him on a previous season what she would do if he betrayed her). I loved Varys - I cried when he died. He went down trying - and is one of the only people to make a move against the obvious Dany madness that was about to happen haha. He was a great character. rip hahahah Jon has always been an idiot, right? I did appreciate how genuine Kit's acting seemed in episode 5 when he realised the battle was happening regardless of what he wanted. Absolutely devastated.
  3. Yeah of course, I didn't necessarily mean you specifically or maybe even the people in this thread were annoyed about the Arya thing - but I know a lot of people weren't stoked about the inconsistently - the fact that the story had been setting up Jon to kill the KN for a long time. I wasn't in love with this inconsistency, but I did think it made sense that Arya was equip enough to kill him. I am also there with you regarding the dragon being untouchable again - it was a tad jarring hahah. I also think it's not too insane that the scorpion trick stops working on Dany after losing two dragons, but who knows hahaha.
  4. no. what is up with you
  5. It honestly seems like people were disappointed when Arya killed the NK because it didn't follow Jon Snow's character arc, but then people were also not happy with Dany going crazy - when it followed her character arc super well. I really enjoyed episode 5, I was super interested in every single scene and I can't say that for the other episodes so far. I don't hate the season overall, but I do think we could have used a season for the NK story/battle and then another season for the Cersei story/battle. I have been feeling a tad disappointed when I compare it to previous seasons, but the show is probably crumbling under the fact that they have all of these characters on the same plane now and not separated by seas, cities, etc. rip adventures of Arya + the hound </3
  6. The main character of a mecha romance has to be a self insert, yeah? You can tell someone is a main character by the way that they suck (minus Saki from Shinsekai yori, Deku from Boku no hero academia, + a few other examples). I think no important things will happen on this season of SnK and instead the plot will not advance at all.
  7. Sometimes you need a good "I am just watching this cartoon because I always watch this genre even if it's mediocre" show to watch haha. Like you can't really full-heatedly recommend it to others, but you can say you enjoy it. I gave it a shot before because the characters were soooo cute, but I didn't get far into the series. I say it pop up again recently that there is a new season coming out so maybe I'll try again. I keep trying to make time to watch this. ____ Also I will go out on a limb and recommend Devilman Crybaby. It's done by the same person as Ping Pong and Kaiba, but for Netflix. It's one of the most jarring and gross cartoons I have watched, but I really liked it overall. It's sort of a throw back to retro cartoons theme-wise. A friend of mine loves it so much he's watched it twice. I am currently watching Darling in the Franxx just for Zero Two, holy shit the main character is terrible, but I want to keep watching it for the girl hahaha. SnK has felt a little whatever so far, but I've got to watch the most recent episode still (52).
  8. My thoughts are basically that: Bran is incredibly annoying, and just very convenient for the story - like it's a tad of a put off for me. I died laughing every time he was gawking in the background, like woah. Hound and Arya are the best omggggggggg. Sansa isn't my favourite, but I've come to respect her a lot. I thought this episode was a bad look for Tyrion. The riding dragons scene was too romantic and long, like omg I am going to puke. Sam + Dany/Jorah scene was incredibly moving for me, I think it's clear that Dany is going the way of her father. Jesus christ, some of you think Littlefinger is going to COME back? They hardly have enough time to kill off the characters they want to this season, I don't think there's time to bring back someone they let Sansa kill off to build her character. You think they would have wasted ALL of that time last season on that? Like obvi I could be wrong but still.
  9. I found it to be too much, but I stopped after like 15 mins of the first episode haha. I am so obsessed with Kaguya-sama right nowwwwwwww
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