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  1. Boys should kiss boys, and girls should kiss girls. But yeah, SnK has been wild.
  2. I've been on the fence about trying this one, but loved Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, so maybe I will give it a shot before Summer shows start.
  3. Danmachi Dr. STONE Eren no Shouboutai Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (wtf is the short hand version of this title) Dumbbell (EXCITED) BEM (it's been compared to Devilman Crybaby) Maybe I will try some others but I am not sure yet. It probably depends on what ones my friends and I get really into if I keep watching all of them or not. Where is everyone else's watch lists???? HELLLLOO
  4. I feel like I am a tad sad about it, but also understand they may have needed to do it at some point anyway, AND they want it released before Christmas, so delaying it would mean missing out on the Holiday season. Maybe they can patch it later? I think I am at peace with it, although I would prefer all of them in the game. You should continue to write reviews on games you play ahead of release, super insightful!!!!!!!!!!! Feels kind of inevitable in a way.
  5. rip national dex
  6. D'accord. I am all caught up on Kimetsu no Yaiba (to episode 10). My thoughts are that it's super entertaining and relatively good. I don't know why they go from awesome animation to weird CG when someone is walking or fighting sometimes. I wish they'd just animate everything consistently. I like a lot of other cartoons better than it, but I am enjoying it and I will probably finish this cour and the next one too. Also they show way too much in the OP.
  7. I am obsessed with it. I think it's really lovely for a shonen. As the time progresses you really get to know the individual characters, but you still get a lot of nicely animated fight scenes. It also doesn't take itself too seriously. I reaaally recommend it. I have the episodes but haven't watched them yet - it seems like everyone is recommending it so this is the last push I need. I'll start them!
  8. Mahoutsukai no Yome is soooooo much more a romance than a horror, don't kid yourself.
  9. Em' : La senpai la plus sympathique de PokeMMO ♥

  10. Off the top of my head: Nagi no asu kura (romance a bit) Shiki (horror, animation is weird but it's really a good story, although it's two cours) Darling in the Franxx (recency bias for me, it's a bit of romance + action, not amazing but very entertaining, also two cours though) Boku no hero academia (if you haven't tried it yet, BUT it does have a lot of episodes. It's not too insane to catch up now before the new autumn season though) Bunny girl senpai (recent, romance) Kaguya-sama (romance, recent, takes a second to grow on you though as it has a weird "style", but the animation and music are really great)
  11. lmao yeah they were too young for that but oh welllll I LIVE IN FRANCE NOW lmao. My french isn't amazing yet though. I love it here. I'll be here for 2.5 more years at least.
  12. Ahh, are you from France? No worries if you don't want to discuss it publicly. Also I finished all of Darling in the Franxx, I really like it in the end lmao. It's sort of shitty, but the I got attached to the characters - Miku + Zero Two ahhhh.
  13. TJXD

    Em! What's popping old friend?

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    2. Emlee


      Yeah TO is pretty crowded compared to most other Canadian cities haha. I am doing my Ph.D. in Virology/protistology/bioinformatics :) I love it. What is your job? 

    3. TJXD


      That's pretty cool, I was in premed for a bit and virology was always interesting. I'm currently still working the first job I got out of school, which is Digital Media with an agency. We cater to the Toy and video game industry so we design the ad budget and plan for video games like Mortal Kombat etc and do all their online marketing and influencer stuff.


      Hopefully looking to turn that into sports writing or even get into E-sports in the future.


      I still remember giving eevee's to CM Emlee back in 2012 . Good times

    4. Emlee


      Oh my god that sounds like an amazing job! I would LOVE that. Really cool. Yeah moving into E-Sport would be pretty ideal. 


      And yes... I can't believe it was that long ago omg haha. A lot of time has passed. 

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