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  1. I am here to campaign. Please elect me as the new mayor. p.s. Hi Bestfriends, hope you are well. Maybe if you want to be re-elected you could be more active in the cartoon thread for the cool people's vote.
  2. hii

    1. RysPicz


      EMLUUUUUUU! <3

  3. It is true that the fun left with me. EDIT: By the way I am finally watching One Punch with a friend so that I can watch the next season as it airs.
  4. So, are you back or just killing time out of boredom? :P

    1. Emlee


      neither really. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to a few people! 

  5. YOU IDOLISE STAIN OMG scurry Deku is a cutie... Mineta though, REALLY. Kacchan is best imo. I like a lot of the villains otherwise.
  6. LMAO what the hell RIGA. I'm not surprised in a way, he was such a shady fella hahaha. Not that I didn't like him.
  7. You, me, and the rest of the world. Who are your favourite boku no hero academia characters???
  8. OMG what drama. rip amanu and riga. Also I do think girls and boy are cute so... it isn't like it was left field lmao
  9. Wheeeeere?? On topic: Also of course I am watching Neverland and Kaguya-sama yadda yadda this season. Also watching One Punch with a friend in prep for next season. Rewatched all of SnK for prep too... and Boku no hero academia all again because October is too far away.
  10. hi old cringe friend

    1. Malorne


      Hello old sassy friend

  11. ;) 

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    2. kloneman


      Damn, that sounds good! Do you know the language well? Well, passed my IT apprenticeship like a year ago so just trying to work hard, get money and maybe start traveling.

    3. Emlee


      I mean I get by in French, but I haven't been here long so I've got work to do. It'll come eventually. 

      Ahhh, what is on your travel bucket list? 

    4. kloneman


      Haha you better do, I know the French can be very stubborn when talking to English speakers.

      Well this year I've got Amsterdam and Paris and then maybe Japan next year.

  12. <3

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    2. DoubleJ


      DoctorJJ SoonTM

    3. Emlee


      Ahhh! When do you graduate? I'll have a doctorate too in a couple years - although obvi not the one where you help other people. 

    4. DoubleJ


      I'll formally graduate at the end of Spring, but I've met all of my credit requirements. This Friday is "Match Day" where everyone across the country finds out which residency they'll be starting at this Summer. Pretty damn awesome. And congratulations to you!!! JSTUD got his PhD this past year. 

  13. <3

    1. londark


      Nice to see you again 

    2. Emlee


      You too, babu

  14. Emlee


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