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  1. Remember to bring an english translation if you're using the English Forum.
  2. I enjoyed so much while watching this serie. They have too many others stories to tell us and they did an amazing job. 10/10
  3. El tema se ve bonito, quizás no me acaba de convencer el tipo de fuente que has elegido. Recuerda añadir una traducción en inglés en cuanto puedas. The theme looks pretty, maybe the type of font you have chosen did not convince me. Remember to add an English translation as soon as you can.
  4. It is possible to do, just changing the sprites. But there won't be all the pokes, too.
  5. Sounds like a good idea. I think that it will provide better & accurate search.
  6. I highly doubt that the buyer wants to return it. Try to be more careful next time :(.
  7. Actually platforms available are PC, Android, Linux & Mac.
  8. Kyukee

    Hi hi

    Yeah, you will need to make a new account in order to get support making a ticket. Explain them your situation and bring some data from your account. Hope you get it back soon. Welcome back tho ♥
  9. Well, since its still Pokémon, things must be kept as it is. I think that the actual method to catch Pokémon is essencial. Its always been the same.
  10. Como te han comentado arriba, no vas a tener ninguna recompensa al reportar a alguien sobre un supuesto clonamiento. Si se diese el caso, lo mejor que puedes hacer es reportar y acabar con ese tipo de cosas, aunque dudo que sea posible en PokeMMO. - As you have been told above, you will not have any reward for reporting someone about an alleged cloning. If that's the case, the best thing you can do is report and get rid of that sort of thing, although I doubt it's possible in PokeMMO.
  11. Welcome, hope that you will have tons of happy and fun hours there. ♥
  12. Please use the Chinese forum to provide such content or write an English translation. 请使用中文论坛提供此类内容或撰写英文翻译。
  13. 请使用中文论坛回答此类问题 Please use the chinese forum for that type of questions
  14. Congrats! Pinky looks really cool
  15. Welcome! Hope you're having fun playing PokeMMO. Feel free to join the discord so you can meet more people! https://discord.com/invite/8pMp58J
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