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  1. this is what happen if i run this "sh pokemmo.sh
  2. 这是中文的 为什么啊?? 每次都无效? 只有mac会出现这种情况
  3. So i try to make some change on language. first I replace the string file, then it work. but every time i am reopen the pokemmo the "string_zh.xml is repairing" is anyway fixed it? it only happen on macbook
  4. 每次改下语言包可以用 重启游戏后就自动被覆盖原来的。有永久有么。好兄弟们
  5. 小智都没问过大木博士这么多问题!
  6. 其实你就是看到交易行买不起的问题 终究还是没钱买不起 没时间刷
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