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  1. 收母垃圾迷你龙/母宝贝龙/母丑鱼(散的也收) Buy bad IVs FEMALE Dratini, Bagon, and Feebas 邮件:OnlyXiaole 游戏或者私聊 如果有在线就回没在线可以邮件留言价钱和数量
  2. this is what happen if i run this "sh pokemmo.sh
  3. So i try to make some change on language. first I replace the string file, then it work. but every time i am reopen the pokemmo the "string_zh.xml is repairing" is anyway fixed it? it only happen on macbook
  4. apply roms with different regions and watch tutorial youtube maybe
  5. go down side looking for ur mother she will take you back
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