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  1. @RealMak Hello RealMak, thank you for your post. I have 4 questions if it's okay: 3.) Join a Team: For what purpose? 4.) Farm for money is this the fastest way to get money? 5.) Shiny hunt Shiny hunt just to have shinys or to get money? 6.) gym rematches Is it really needed to have a 100 pkm? Is it much hader than the original rematch? - Thanks
  2. Hello community, I started with PokeMMO a few weeks ago and I have to say, it's really awesome. I never thought that so many players are actively online around the clock and all the MMO aspects work so well. Now I'm currently wondering since I'm slowly coming to the story endgame, what do I do, for example, when I'm done with the 1 region? What do you typically do? Second round top 4 or rematches of the gyms? (and after that?) What do you guys do after you do a region or when you were done with all of them, what was your aspiration after that? And one side question: Does anyone have a clue how many people playing active this game? It would be very interesting :D - Bitz0r
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