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  1. Can you get clothes for Steven, Cinthia, and other characters?
  2. In the description of the amulet coin it says that it only lasts 1 hour, I mean, when an hour passes it is useless forever?
  3. It's that it gives me something hahaha, they just let me know to help them evolve kadabras and haunters
  4. How can I hide my online status so that my friends don't see when I go online?
  5. If for example I buy a male Snorlax and another female Snorlax and do the breeding, will the Munclax come out as if I had captured it in the Pokédex?
  6. What time does the cafe near a lake open in Shinnoh? whenever I go it is closed
  7. When you capture a pokemon, in a pokedex it comes out in a green box, but if you buy or exchange it, it comes out in a blue box, if I release a traded pokemon and then I capture it, will the box appear in green?
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