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  1. Date: Saturday May 15th, 2021 This is for anyone within the ENIX server. Time: 12:30 pm EDT [Time Zone Converter] Location: Wayward Cave, Floor B1, Sinnoh, Ch. 4 (Under the bicycle bridge on Route 206) Duration: 1 hour for catching. 15 minutes for players to submit entries Pokemon Accepted As Valid Entries Gible Zubat Bronzor Nature Bonus Bold + 5 Jolly + 3 Scoring: Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus= Total Score
  2. Hey there, stranger. Do you find yourself in a rather bland environment, looking to bring life into the atmosphere once again? How about looking to find some original content to bring your posts and profile pictures to a better light to the public? Or just to have a silly concept or sketch to laugh amongst your peers? Luckily for you, I have the ability to lend you a hand in those particular tasks! For a very low price range of 25k~175k , you can find yourself in possession of some art from yours truly depending on what you would like! A very fine offer if I must say so myself ;) K
  3. Thank you to those who came out and participated. Due to our new scaling rewards, since 3 members from ENIX and 4 Friends of Phoenix participated in our event, the prize pool total went up to a whopping 525k! Our first place winner of 367,500 goes to MehAgony! Our second place winner of 105,000 goes to MrPeruano! And our third place winner of 52,500 goes to Incognition! Congratulations to our winners! You can see their paths of victory in the link below as well as seeing the in depth battles in our server in the #showdown-replays channel ! Want the prize money to be higher in th
  4. :sweats: I would like to participate in the metronome event if slots are still open please- IGN: LunaDarkrose
  5. Thank you to everyone who participated and came out to play! We had a fun time while we watched the chaos ensue with the little bundles of joy use metronome. Without further ado, here are the winners! Congratulations! 1st Place Mightylax 2nd Place Curseman 3rd Place Rarapihu
  6. Title: Crossing a New Day IGN: LunaDarkrose Edit: Just in case it's too blurry, I made a document so its easier to see the text here ^^ https://docs.google.com/document/d/12DChQON_knQPIZSPJmajjE_tkQJt6Qz9llguex6eXb4/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Congratulations to our winners! 1st Place- @Complutum 2nd Place- Crible 3rd Place- @Serpnt 4th Place- @TheDesertRex and thank you all who was able to participate <3
  8. Winners of Catching Event! 1st Place- @SharpBlue (38) 2nd Place- @Complutum (39) 3rd Place- @Curseman (54) 4th Place- @MrPeruano (55) Congrats to all of our participants, prizes are already distributed. Thank you all for coming. <3
  9. Aw look at them cuddle Date: Tuesday, 23th March 2021 This is for anyone within the ENIX server. Time: 2:30PM UTC | 10:30AM ET [Time Zone Converter] Location: Route 111 (Desert Area, Hoenn) Ch. 5 Duration: 1 hour for catching. 15 minutes for players to submit entries Pokemon Accepted As Valid Entries Trapinch Cacnea +5 Nature Bonus Quiet + 5 Lonely + 3 Scoring: Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus + Species Bonus
  10. Welcome one and all to ENIX’s Metronome Cup! What is the metronome cup you ask? It is a special tournament consisting of the pokemon that was a fairy type before the typing came to exist in our pokemon world, Clefairy! Unlike other tournaments that involve a vast variety of strategies that you as the competitors come up with to help decide the outcome of your battle, this one will be based solely on luck. We have gathered millions of clefairy (More than 100 lol) from the depths of Mt.Moon and Mt. Coronet to assist us with showing the true power of the one move you will all be utilizing
  11. Cutely requests #1 with my many hats (LunaDarkrose)
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