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  1. @LezLez you must post it in guide tavern
  2. exactly. For that I mentioned all the IGN errors from the week 4 and they could be fixed.
  3. i love koneko (this ign is KokenoCastro) when u change ign @LifeStyleNORE ?
  4. I donated because I was the host and I felt obligated to do so, seeing that I am no longer a host, I asked Monkeydmathew if he could return my money by giving (after giving it to him) and he said yes. You can stop criticizing the problems, thanks.
  5. the team from venezuela was created with 9 and 10 players for each country, in venezuela B there were 3 and 4 players who in the end did not want to play for whatever reason, having done that, can we do nothing about it for them? In a selection in a world when someone is seriously injured, the coach can call another player to replace him, can't you? (error quote sorry @AndrewHavsha )
  6. Only need to play 1 match more. 1st match bowser won 2nd match kirie won 3rd match decided
  7. Boyscap vs CuervoSabio Thursday 3AM GMT+2 in 12min
  8. Shetinger vs GasaiYunoSan Tuesday 10PM GMT+2 in 10min
  9. instead of having the docs, it could do the same as the drayyton post, but in the main post, if that helps you.
  10. @Quakkz and @PoseidonWrath if both can pay for mail when im not online, i can send your pokemon when im online. with @RichGum too, but he contact with me in mail
  11. sorry for waiting, is closed last bid was this. Try to contact the winners, You can also contact me from PokeMMO: xMago
  12. host have group of captains on discord where they can suggest, and this idea came out of there
  13. Several options came up in the possibilities, where for example I did not agree with this, but it was left for the possible vote.
  14. the vote was proposed by me, the vote the whole community and "roxxass" vote option 2. (you can see which people vote which option) many dramas about things you don't know is behind.
  15. i was posted first with zigh but after i see doublej posted first, and then i was fixed his.
  16. prefer u send a msg with all for poke , ty. edited all bids atm
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