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  1. Hyoak's Services

  2. Excavalier Ev Service.

    when u online, whisper me on game, xMago.
  3. CLOSE

    4,888...m on gtl
  4. CLOSE

    bump 5,5m on gtl or offer.
  5. Budget Breeding / Comps & Breeders sale

    no lol, i want to buy a poke with this ivs too. x2 = me interesed too.
  6. CLOSE

    updated with B/O and low 6M autobuy. (was 6,5M)
  7. OU & UU Comps

    info on hydre tyra and aero
  8. CLOSE

  9. CLOSE

    WTS This Spearow Adamant, the Best offer now : 4.150m Autobuy 4,888.888 on GTL Offer here or in game ( OT : xMago ) ONLY CASH.
  10. Value Advice

    just see i forgot it say nature is a adamant.
  11. Value Advice

    adamant, sorry, im in mobile. Check price?
  12. Boosting Elite4 payouts

    i only use 5 hiperpotions maximum and 1 or 2 revivirs for 1 rerun, but i need 1hour for finish (team so much wall)
  13. Ew

  14. About Legendaries

    time ago say : on the future in dungeons can caught legendary pokemons... when? IDK (sorry bad english)

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