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  1. after 170 turns of duel, hax with me, ii win LOL
  2. joalza replaces zreetx, he cant play with bad internet.
  3. im sorry, not was updated. updated now.
  4. Take enchanteur (u can send me now, he lose hours ago LoL)
  5. i know, i waiting for a duel, when they playing i send on mail
  6. Relaxed nature for a last breed in lucky breed (lc trick room) it has a player of my team
  7. Lc: Jaawax vs Samoerai 200k each void if sub (Up u have my post lol) i take, obv
  8. Colombia A vs Spain A Ou: enchanteur vs Kiwikidd @calidubstep Uu: AurumPegasus vs Joalza @calidubstep Lc: OscarFail vs Navetas Doubles: iJulianFNT vs RealDevilLegend @calidubstep France A vs Belgium Ou: Rikoudo vs Stelian Uu: Nonopetitrobot vs Mkns Lc: Jaawax vs Samoerai @Zhikodark 200k each void if sub
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