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  1. Shiny Hoothoot & Noctowl lottery

    info ivs?
  2. [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    nice job men! :D
  3. Can u say me ivs on all forretress impish u are with pin missile?

  4. [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    In-Game Name : < TheFkingMago > In-Game Team : < LØIS > Character Theme : < Kingdra > Display Resolution : < 1920x1080 > Animated Login Screen : < No > Type Theme : < Default > Color Theme : < Dark Blue / Black > Note : < i think u finish any with lapras, if u want finish same/similar than him, is perfect. or any similar than dark blue spheal. >
  5. [GUI] Charizard Shiny ver 2.1

    men me gusta el tema, pero el problema de la calidad al ver el GTL (mercado mundial) me hace que use otro, ya que no se aprecia muy bien la calidad en los precios de los pokes o items, si llegas a mejorar eso es posible que lo use, ya que me encanta ;D adjunto foto
  6. [MOD] Hoenn Tile Mod by JappaWakka

    good job for this mod.. i love ! i find a bug in Sootopolis City click here for see If i find more bugs i write more later here! :)

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