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  1. xSofiikSan (nice joke ign, but is right) Reuni, Aboma, Kingdra, Blastoise, Togekiss, Snorlax
  2. I have been banned for 1 week, @isi1993 will take care of hosting.
  3. buff prizes first place. before 5M Now 8M + 1K RP
  4. Detaills: Doubles 4vs4 Tier / format: VGC BO3 each round Cláusulas: Unique Species / Unique Item RULES VGC [IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ] If you suspect that your opponent has changed any Pokémon / Item illegally, whisper in-game to me and try to send me some proof; I will check it manually. Date and Time Sunday 28 of June | Hour 7PM GMT Convertidor de zona horaria Register Registrations are open from now until one hour before the tournament. You must s
  5. OPEN SIGN UPS! Team Name: Los Avengadores Team Tag: Miau Registered Players: xMago, Brianattackpro, branYT, GasaiYunoSan, CristhianArce, WarwitoX Team Captain: Brianattackpro
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