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  1. first 172 2º 170 3º 169 ur not get natu bonus only +5 for species then ur poke is 167, nothing more.
  2. i use always team rain and i prefer than other teams, very fast duels for all gyms. pelipper kingdra + ludicolo (spam surf 0,25% damages for types : water dragon or water grass) , 1 poke with water absorb (vaporeon jellicent or lapras) and kabutops, i always use the last pkmn for leveling to 100. 1 pelipper bold leftovers 2 kingdra specs surf ice beam hp electric 3 ludicolo life orb gigadrain surf ice beam 4 kabutops cb rock slide waterfall 5 (water absorb poke, no need any character specially) 6 any poke for leveling.
  3. 13% not bad usage, have more usage donphan in uu than durant or rhydon in nu.
  4. I start again for Breeding service. (all breeding service with nature) 2x31 3x27+ = 400k Base 3x31 2x27+ = 500k Base 3x31 3x27+ = 650k Base *egg moves 10k+ *genderless only can breeding staryu + magnenite 50k+ *pokes with 21k for gender = 100k+ * If your poke need Happy for evolved, only i can breed Togepi. (not Riolu/Pikachu etc) * If your poke need evolved to breeding, i not breeding this. (electivire, magmortar, pikachu, etc) *Other prices Base: 3x31 1x30 1x20+ = 450k Base ("pokes for LC", not for Porygon or Bronzor) 2x31. 4x27+ = 550k Base 1x31 4x27+ = 300k Base *If u need any pokemon breeder without nature, tell me info and i can breeding too -50% Nature : Naive Accepts offers : *Pure Cash *Limiteds *Reward points Voucher Price Negotiable.
  5. mago1993


    aprox 5k rp
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