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  1. I tried lucky while I was recovering my ankle injury and i found it in 20 minutes 😄
  2. Here there's a post that show the probabilitys of obtain a nx31 iv,s pokemon:
  3. The photo is a little bit shitty xD but finally found her!! suuuuuuuuuuuu!!
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question related on changing trainer name. Does changing the trainer name affect your already caught Pokemon OT?? Thank you beforehand!
  5. I'm curious about which was your first shiny. I want to know if you still have it and if it was intended or not. My first shiny was a floatzel in sinnoh. I was searching with a friend to have one both of us. So I found one and then I stayed with him as he was still looking for a floatzel. Only 35 minutes later, I end up finding another one!!! It was so epic. I stole the last one to my friend xD
  6. I like hunting while I'm doing anything else. If I didn't find shiny it doesn't matters because I didn't waste my time at all. Maybe the process to get one is boring, but when you find it's very exciting, I like so much the uncertainty of knowing what IV,s and nature have.( And here is when you discover that your shiny torkoal is adamant XDXD).
  7. I belive the best way to catch him is in pokemon mansion at day time( also in the early morning, but ponytas and vulpix also appears, so the probability is less), in hordes of 5. When you enter the mansion, you have to go to the end of the hallway and go up two floors to the right. Good luck and hope you find it! :)
  8. I don't know if to evolve it or not... growlithe is very cute but arcanine is so cool!
  9. If you capture the pokemon you will always get the green box, it's not necessary to drop the one you bought/traded.
  10. Yeah, I think aggron is my coolest shiny hahaha My next objective is treecko :3
  11. Lairon is my first shiny with berries and torkoal was in poor mode xD
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