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  1. Much love for this event and the players who outdid themselves with these amazing designs!! Can't wait to participate
  2. #1 ribbon shop in game so far great work!
  3. Welcome everyone to our shop! Semi Comp: ~2x31 + 3x28 + nature = 350k ~3x31 + 2x28 + nature = 450k ~2x31 + 3x30 + nature = 500k Fully Comp: ~3x31 + 2x30 + nature = 600k ~5x31 + nature = 950k ~3x31 + 3x30 + nature = 1.2m ~6x31 + nature = 1.9m ~We do not breed MALE ONLY mons. ~0 IV's count as if they were x31. ~Starter Pokemon or 21k gender price mons additional +50k. ~9k Gender Pokemon additional 20k. ~Happiness mons additional 80k. ~Genderless mons additional should be added after the final breed. You may contact us in Game or Discord: IGN: DrTylerGrey / ArtOfKilling Discord: DrTylerGrey#7776 / Kamui#2181 ~Eving + lvl 50: 40k. ~Eving + lvl 50+ evolutions: 50k. You can also contact us in Game or Discord: IGN: Crimar Discord: Crimar#4145 Also shoutout to xPauu💖 for breeding prices you can check her shop here Happy Clients:
  4. Team Name: Fiesta Registered Players: Queest, Stelian, DrTylerGrey, PoseidonWrath, Halott. Sub: Asphodelusia (Puede que se cambie)
  5. IGN: DrTylerGrey Preferred Tiers: UU, OU, learning lc Discord contact: DrTylerGrey#7776 Preferred Potential Manager: YettoDie💪🏻
  6. Team Name: Arriba Pan Captain: Waaynee Players: Lachidrago, Waaynee, DrTylerGrey, Latiosrol, Wally, Chiminapio, Edwardinho, DavidAkd, xSparkie, PoseidonWrath. Subs: Isperea, RafaPallet Cheerleaders: TobyTheOne
  7. IGN: DrTylerGrey Country: Spain Tier: UU; OU Discord: DrTylerGrey#7776 Personal Note: Ban Endiii
  8. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: Wayneew, DavidAkd, Torpi AlannahPA, Danliz, Amosesshomaru, IncursioZ, DrTylerGrey, YJos, JosueFeng, DarioMG, TobyTheOne, SebastianRVM, Papudri, Jorgeeeh, Melikos. Team Captain: DrTylerGrey
  9. What a way to finish a season by banning the thing that stands against PZ, Yanmega and Sigilyph
  10. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: Wayneew, DavidAkd, Velkdos, Torpi, AlannahPA, Vosfijate, IncursioZ, DrTylerGrey, OscarPereira, Yjos, Sicklonerr, Josuefeng. Team Captain: DavidAkd
  11. Team Name: Elitewarriors Team Tag: [ZËRØ] Registered Players: IncursioZ,PyskoO,Wayneew,DavidAkd,velkdos,xSofiikSan,Amosesshomaru,Torpi,AlannahPA,Danliz,Valkryss,DrTylerGrey,OscarPereira. Team Captain: DavidAkd
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