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  1. Team name:onichan uwu Player OU:onequill Player NU:yaritan
  2. Congratulations! Could someone pass me the link of that icon mod?
  3. The 150k + encounters I did from Bagon / Beldum did not work, I went for a week (or more I don't know) and I got this
  4. I was thinking of buying a skeleton costume and red reaper hood now, but I don't know if they could come down before halloween arrives, could someone advise me if buying them now is a good option?
  5. Qxia

    Vanity Thread

    I don't think they think about doing it, we already have the Knight Helmet with a very similar design
  6. I'll be testing your great theme, anything if I see some kind of bug I'll let you know, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CREATING IT!
  7. Hi, I think this should go in the "Suggestion box" section.
  8. I think I can speak for myself in this answer ... Well I'm a bit of a serious guy at what I do, I mean, I'm constantly "playing my odds" by spending more than 12 hours of pure encounters, those more than 12 hours of play allocated to encounters is more likely to get 1 shiny "earlier" than someone who only spends 1 hour to encounters (I hope you can understand my point). But I agree with you that SRIF.
  9. Searching: Bagon/Beldum Phases: 3 Encounters: 28 4th OT
  10. Searching: Bagon/Beldum Phases: 2 Encounters: broke 3rd OT
  11. EN: I liked everything about this topic so much that I have a small request :). How much money would you charge me to make me one identified but in pink? ES: Me gusta todo de este tema, tanto que quisiera pedirte un pequeña petición (espero una respuesta negativa u positiva), ¿Cuánto podría pagarte por una forma de este tema en color rosado?. Gracias por su aporte.
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