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  1. I hope the "ultra rare vanity" referenced in the changelog isn't limited old... Wait what?
  2. I would love to read what they think/theorize about what this "Secret shiny" could belong to
  3. ES: Yo tengo otra pregunta, ¿ Por qué no hay limitados? EN: I have another question, why are there not limited?
  4. Nice to post here my 3rd rare for HDLM, it took me 4 days to get it out, 42 boxes that are a total of 2520 ONLY EGGS encounters. 2454=12
  5. What @MrMalz says is interesting and could work, but in my case I avoided the Drifblim when they made Destiny bond, I attacked them the next turn, thus ruling out any possibility that they would take me.
  6. I explain what happens, I have "Chinese" as the client's language, unfortunately there are no Chinese characters within the theme
  7. I think this was for me, and if it wasn't, I'd like to think about it :)
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