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  1. i wanna say , let s not call it Xmas Event, because its Xmas struggle :D .... it neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds HOURS & HOURS & HOURS & HOURS .. lots of coffeeeee, lots of water ... lots of foooood ... lots of PATIENCE, & we don't forget we gotta "bring" stacks of HAX RNG (criticals, no missing, no status...) so let s agree on calling it Xmas Struggle xD This Event has showed me how much pokemmo users are so kind, gentle, kind & the most important, they are good players & strat makers, im proud of being part of some squad SPECIAL THANKS TO @[email protected] ❤️❤️❤️ also gracias amigos @[email protected] and yeah i d like to have solo as an option :D (but grinding with an alt is also good)
  2. Prices reflects the rarity of the item, the rarer an item is, the more valuable it is .. plus getting a santa's present isn't that easy for everybody .. it needs strats, patience, teamwork and don't forget RNG :D .. so i think, it s just a thought, prices will go down again between 3.5m & 4m, but i don't think it will drop to mage's staff's prices (1.6m) i don't think this at all, absolutely (halloween event is a solo event, Xmas is a 2-4 event) & that makes sense of the low number of santa's present compared to the pumpking goodie bags Knight Helmet is a cool hat, everybody likes (it fits mage's staff xD) Ps: Starlight Hat .... R.I.P me
  3. Slowbro to UU .. what i can say slowbro doesn't affect the NU game like dugtrio did .. sharpedo wallbreaks it, feraligatr has crunch , blaziken hp grass or u-turn ... it s overly used in NU yeah, lately many trick room teams uses it with life orb, it makes it a great sweeper... so FAREWELL SLOWBRO.. SLOWKING will miss u
  4. Hey guys don't complain the event .. you have so much vanities, slide with the christmas sleigh, get that winged helmet, try to be from TOP 50 best scores..try to get as many xmas presents as u can.. sell 'em right away (or save 'em for later, this would be great if u ve got patience)
  5. Merry Christmas to all PokeMMO community, staff, players mods devz ....... u have added to pokemon another enjoyable & pleasant environment Wish all the best, & waitin for the event to start .. a few hours remaining ❤️❤️
  6. IGN: jgaw Time Zone (UTC format): UTC +1 Tiers: NU / UU / OU Fluff: if u don't pick me, i will look for you i will find you and i will kill u...
  7. Sincèrely i didnt like thé werewolf masks
  8. Happy birthdaaaaaay bro And certainly we will be there all together to celebrate your Day. . Wish all the Best and the good..
  9. U won't be able to choose ur first poke in randoms Fun fact
  10. Hidden Abilities being introduced ??? Johto ??? Another generation ?? Or maybe ban dugtrio arena trap ??
  11. IGN: Jgaw Preferred Tiers: all Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): pick me dont pick me pick me dont pick me pick me dont pick me pick me pick me Discord contact: Jgaw#7802 Fluff:-- Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: tawla
  12. Oh yeaaah as u Can see attachement it s à permanent ban.. Without à warning.. Or at least à short period punishment... Im waitin for staff reply.. I Wish at least i get an explanation or à short period punishment.. Not à permanent
  13. And u have to know that it s me Who get banned for listing on GTL with high price.. I never stole from anyone.. I never offended anyone.. Even Those Who insult me after i win in pvp.. Playing àround 2100 hours in one year.. So active in the game.. And then i receive à permanent ban for scamming.. And scamming Who !!! I dont know.. I created à ban appeal 48 hours ago.. And till now i receive nothing.. It s Really so sad if i lose my account.. Im tryin my Best to recover it because sincèrely i see that i didnt scam anyone if i list items for high prices... Im thé buyer.. And all the responsabilty is on the seller.. Anyway... Im Really so deceived.. Pokemmo has become somehow à part of my life.. And oooops à sudden unreasonable ban
  14. Thank you Marco for supporting me Anyway i posted an appeal.. Now 36hours awaiting staff to reply.. The only thing i did was listing items with a high price in GTL.. I think this is legal.. And if it is not.. I guess they must warn me first or sthg.. Or punish me for a some days.. But banning me permanently when i played more than 2100 hours in one year... I hope they look at my case well..
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