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  1. Thanks, what about this one? https://github.com/nanark/pokemmo Is it related to pokemmo?
  2. Is this the official pokemmo github? https://github.com/PokeMMO Edit: Or is it https://github.com/pkmo-linux ?
  3. I have a question for the staff. Can we use jquery and javascript in theme files?
  4. Are you using twl theme editor? i found some .jar file in a git but it doesn't open thanks
  5. Nice work it looks really great. I'm trying to make a theme but the tutorials i found are outdated. Seems that you really have knowledge about it. Could you also make a tutorial to how to edit the GUI? i think that a new tutorial is needed in this community
  6. Hello, Could it be possible to get some basic data from the pokemon we have in our team as for example -Position in team -Name -Pokedex number -Level -Gender -HP -EXP ...etc This is some basic information that won't give advantage in pvp and could let us create some other things like twitch overlays. I think that could give more fame to the game, bringing more players. I have seen people asking for an API and some staff denying the request so this is not an API request Could be possible to have a dynamic json file with this data ,in the installation path for example, generated by the pokemmo client ? This probably could help people who make videos and streams, and that could help to use online apis like https://pokeapi.co/ or create personal databases. Thanks for this amazing game :)
  7. I'm opening another topic asking for a json file, it is probably easier for devs. How do i close this topic?
  8. Maybe realtime .json files or similar with the team comp data could be easier for pokemmo developers so we can use that data to create our overlays, instead of implement pokelink edit: i've seen other suggestions asking for a pokemmo api to get this data and administrators denying the request. Could be possible a local .json file that gets from the client only the team comp data?
  9. Hello, I am new to the forum and i don't know if this is the correct place to write this. I've using pokelink for a while and i think this could be a great feature to implement in pokemmo. I don't know how the game is build so i am asking if there could be a possibility in the future that pokelink is usable or implemented in the pokemmo client. For those who don't know what it is. PokeLink is an Application that allows you to both manually and in some cases automatically track your Teams from the games to show on your Videos, they offer some web based overlays like this Thanks in advance
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