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    Football discussion thread

    Belgium League sucks donkey diq, idgaf
  2. Tranzmaster

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Pretty epic Android/iOS game, free to play It's basically everything you want it to be. Just good oldschool yugioh from the first arc, no bullshit synchro summons and such. Nice gameplay, some 3d summons that look pretty epic, you can battle vs the main protagonists/antagonists (even the sucky ones like Tea, kek) There is a ranked pvp system, Draekyn got King of Games (highest rank) already. Some in VVVV are playing it, like me, Draekyn and RaiOh (Cam) Considered making a thread to encourage everybody to at least give it a go instead Fire Emblem Weirdos tl;dr Kaiba > Yugi my ign is Tranzmaster incase you wanna add me
  3. Tranzmaster


    I am summoned So i voted DPP OU FOR THE WIN YOU PLEBS (rip adv ou)
  4. Tranzmaster

    Does anyone else JUST use YouTube?

    this is a man of fine taste
  5. Tranzmaster

    [meme] do u know dah way?

    You know when a thread is absolute cancer when it has a [meme] tag still disappointed 1/10 made me reply
  6. @RysPicz we see each other again at the next AURA meme i come up with
  7. Tranzmaster

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    1 mil on Drama winning
  8. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    He's absolute garbage, glad to get rid of him asap
  9. Tranzmaster

    Daryl's Classroom

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=phatetic Daryl why do you do this to yourself
  10. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

  11. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    but it was an easy game
  12. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

  13. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    Quaresma tho
  14. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    Switzerland has only lost 1 match in the last 2 years (Admittedly a lot of cancer opponents) And they're number 6 on the fifa ranking KEK POLAND
  15. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    Uruguay - Portugal: Portugal wins. Uruguay is probably favoured going into the game because of 9/9 and no goals conceded in group stage, but on the other hand they had an easier group than Portugal. I still believe Portugal to take it with some Ronaldo magic. France - Argentina: France wins. You never know what kind of Argentina is gonna show up, but the same can be said about France. Both of them didn't play a convincing group stage. Yes France got 7/9 but they didn't play great football. I still think Argentina used up all their luck this run and France will be a step too far. Brazil - Mexico: Brazil wins. Mexico has been knocked out in the round of 16 in each of the past 6 World Cups and this will not be any different. After getting crushed 0-3 by Sweden I don't give them any chance anymore. Belgium - Japan: Belgium wins. In November last year we played a friendly against Japan and won 1-0. Japan has yet to impress this World Cup and going up against the Belgian superstar team will be a very tough task. Keisuke Honda is one of my favourite players and it will be sad to see the tears rolling from his eyes after getting crushed. Spain - Russia: Spain wins. Spain's attack looked very unconvincing aside from their game vs Portugal, but Russia's early easy wins were kind of a meme after they got crushed by Uruguay. Spain will take it after another unconvincing game. 1-0 proably. Croatia - Denmark: Croatia wins: Croatia was one of the few teams to impress in the group stage and they got a beatable opponent in Denmark. Denmark does play organised but Croatia will take it with top class football. Sweden vs Switzerland: Switzerland wins. Really even game, tough to call. Switzerland impressed me vs Brazil so I give them a slight edge but it might go eitherway. Colombia vs England: England wins. It's a game that could go eitherway but James Rodriguez is probably out with a calf injury so I'd put my money on England.
  16. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

  17. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    Opponent less for Belgium, gg ez
  18. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    @RysPicz @Bearminator "XDDDD" at the left lmao
  19. Tranzmaster

    Football discussion thread

    3 Var decisions: Clear error on Ronaldo --> Penalty ; Good decision by ref to give penalty Foul of Ronaldo with Arm --> Yellow ; Good decision, never a red IMO. Anti-Ronaldo ppl can gtfo Handsball of Portugal --> Penalty: pooped decision. tl;dr Iran were a bunch of whining pussies gg no next

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