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  1. I was gonna say maybe I have a chance in Clefairy Cup but even then i'd get jajaja rng'd
  2. noob 1v1 me on club penguin
  3. Saw it. Pretty epic. Looking forward to last episode. Dat ending tho
  4. Episode 6 was accidentally aired by HBO Nordic in Spain for 1 hour. Episode leak is spreading, trying to find it. What is hype may never die.
  5. Last episode was nice! Also:
  6. Still got it (from a ranked duo game with @Quakkz) ez, right @xXBlu3BreathXx
  7. When the meme game is weak, become the meme. I'm next level. As long as coolio is worst manager i'm fine with it.
  8. Jaime for sure not, wouldn't make much sense (but then again what does) Bronn idk, could be
  9. Some might not have caught the throwback Stannis grammar vampire that rubbed off on Davos :)
  10. Episode 5 is called "East watch". Probably referring to East watch-by-the-sea White walker - Tormund - Brotherhood - Hound hype?
  11. Fuck off you guys and your arya fetishes Brienne wins 1v1 vs Loras - OK Brienne wins 1v1 vs Jaime - Alright fine , Jaime was kinda weak anyway at that point. Brienne wins 1v1 vs the Hound - ...........I guess because of the infection but i mean.......alright then Arya wins vs Brienne 2-3 times in a matter of seconds - Nope, I'm out.
  12. Maek won, gg bro