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  1. monday 10pm gmt?
  2. @OrangeManiac This thread almost worked. Almost Also I'd like to congratulate @McTermi for sweeping me with Sceptile in that OU official months ago, without that match the Sceptile Era would have never existed. All hail Sceptile. Also I'd like to congratulate @DiDi for his ability to acknowledge great memes.
  3. Pretty much everything JJ said is true. It's really hard to be hyped for anything nowadays. We need an update. As for the matchmaking system, the changes proposed would help. I was wondering, what if the queue cooldown/timer gets removed and we can just play open ranked. Just let each player bet 2000 like JJ says and winner gets 4000 so there's no inflation. Also wipe the ranks each month and then go by what JJ said. One last thing: We also need a change in the way how the ELO is calculated. It's literally "play to get high rank". I see a bunch of trashlords with <55% winrate in top 10-30 when there are actual good players with higher winrate and just with less games but still an adequate amount at spot 40. It also tilts me how then those exact people use it as bragging rights. If only someone was able to lift non-physical things.
  4. Summon Leokk? NO Summon Huffer? YA Summon Misha? NO Another Huffer? YA @Bluejim dirty hunter player, am disappoint
  5. Not anymore xD
  6. TSM vs C9 was epic inb4 @GeneralVenican likes this post
  7. ftfy balls or riot Honestly avoid safari zone. LF shiny beldum
  8. you mean how Willian was shit and Hazard sealed the deal in under 30 mins no bias ofc
  9. I miss xeno Come at me scrubs
  10. unlucky rubber ducky
  11. Send me comps and i'll say you're decent at LoL
  12. @Fipp Suh dude, when u wanna play? Also bring a sceptile counter
  13. About 2-3 ultra balls per attempt.... 77,5 million pokedollars wasted already Respect dude, i was already tilted after 1 go in that cave with my shedinja Edit: Well you did make up for it by selling them
  14. Buffon GiGi EZ