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  1. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    Yasuo is 4 years old today. Let us celebrate 4 years of Gary feeding.
  2. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    New patch. Kassadin and Cassio will be super good with the presence of mind buff. Also Morgana Jungle hype? Permanently no cooldown W on jungle camps seems pretty good. Devastating ganks and anti-cc shield
  3. The Ditto named Daryl has worse IV's. Tranz>Daryl confirmed!
  4. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    die in a forest fire
  5. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    mmmmmm... lasagna... Also ballon d'or next week, who deserves it more? Ronaldo IMO, more titles. He's currently playing like trash though but the entire year counts...
  6. Bank in the game

    I'll be the bank you can send all the money to me. IGN: ThinkNice
  7. @RysPicz LOL'd and yes i'm learning polish
  8. Elite 4 totally broken

    I have 5 but I'll be honest I did get rid of a level 35 zebstrika and a level 35 simisear midrun and went with others. So maybe if the wasted exp there went into my main team I would have had less of a hard time. I see your point. That still doesn't take away that there are a lot of players share the same experience of not being able to complete the pokemon league without taking great measures. I mean, if the game forces you to not change 1 poke in your lineup and you can't even go with 6 pokes, then that's pretty weird. Just to clarify again though: I don't mind grinding at all, I like the game how it is now, the difficulty is nice and the update is great but I can understand it being annoying for some.
  9. Elite 4 totally broken

    This is completely false. I battled every trainer and even defeated every wild encounter, but conkeldurr/samurott/galvantula/chandelure/klang all got oneshotted by first E4 member's chandelure. I don't mind the difficulty honestly, but let's not make false statements either. You have to grind. Or get comps.
  10. Elite 4 totally broken

    I'm doing a "fair" playthrough of the game as in making a vanilla character and playing unova without using gtl stuff or anything. Got rekt by lenora and cheren after badge 6 is also a pain in the ass. Not to mention skyla with permaroost. I can only assume I'll get rekt by e4. INSERT MEME HERE chuj ci w dupe oszust.
  11. must be update hype

    spierdalaj I guess I'm going to play this game again for 2 days before dying again.
  12. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    I gave it another title so the other salty silver scrubs here don't get triggered as much anymore. Bye PS: the 3 ping like sounds you hear at the end is the Malphite pinging my summoner spells. Makes it extra spicy

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