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  1. Just finished hunter x hunter (2011) (yes, sorry for being a mainstream anime phag) Pretty good, last arc felt rushed though.
  2. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Best performance of NA this worlds: SKT winning vs EDG last game so C9 goes through THE MEME CONTINUES Anyway LZ vs SSG: epic Korean clash, still think LZ will win, godly botlane and 6-0 in groups. SKT vs MSF: Misfits have no chance. POE will get clapped cos he sucks diq. SKT wins ez RNG vs FNC: RNG wins, Uzi God WE vs C9: I feel like on a good day C9 can win. probably still 60-40 in favor of WE though.
  3. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Tomorrow. @GeneralVenican C U
  4. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Half a million mastery reached on Pantheon. Not sure whether to feel happy or disgusted with myself
  5. Unofficial football discussion thread coming from 4f

    Well tbh it was kinda unfair they had to play against Trinidad AND Tobago xD Also Belgium 28/30 gg ez
  6. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    >Watching pokimane for gameplay
  7. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    I won't really go over the details of laning as Pantheon, this is something to learn on the go, items and build is important and so is creep management. Just start corrupting potion, farm minions and harass with Q, i always take 2nd point in q at level 3 and only take e at level 4 so your harass is better in the early stages. When you get your E you should be able to combo him into kill or recall. mana isn't really a problem with corrupting potion unless you have to lane against Malphite aka "ep1k counterpick" or cho gath aka "what is losing hp in lane?" or maokai aka "trees are asscancer 101" Now in terms of macro play I'd say there a few options. I won't really go into detail like "what if i'm ahead" or "what if i'm behind" or "what if somebody builds manamune on aatrox" - Don't waste time ganking/roaming before level 6 as pantheon top, if you recalled pre 6 just go back to lane. - If you got to level 6 and the midlaner is gankable (this is important so you don't want to kill yourself because you fucking ulted a leblanc or ahri with triple dash ulti up) , so that's for example: brand, anivia and stupid champs like those, you try to shove the wave so you can go in river. If you're behind you do this letting the wave come close to turret so he won't be aggressive and then let the turret shove the wave back for you so you get an opening. (not really recommended, if you're behind the jungler should probably help you or you should stop caring about ganking mid and probably recall gank bot) If you're ahead you just setup a freeze and then hard shove when the freeze is about to break and the go river. If you can't freeze you just hardshove it 24/7. - If you recalled around level 6-7, ganking bot is epic double kill if the enemy is pushing. You can even do this until level 10. If you haven't got a kill before level 11 with these tips, uninstall and play Club penguin or Hello Kitty Online k ty tl;dr in lane --> shove to gank mid recalled --> gank bot (or even mid but prioritize bot)
  8. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    I actually want to correct some people in regards to "carrying with easy to play champions" and using Pantheon as an example. Don't get fooled. If you sort Pantheon by winrates in each ELO you'll realise that his win rates are very high in Diamond+ but very low in bronze and in silver. (Bronze+: 51,5% ; Silver+: 51,7%; Gold+: 52,7% Plat+: 53,2% ; Diamond+: 53,8%) That's not really because he has a high skill-cap (it's fairly average if you want to play pantheon right), but more because of players not being able to make the right calls to snowball and finish games more decisively. Winrate by game length in plat+ elo: In bronze it's even worse: Don't expect to get easy wins just because everybody draws the image of "HURR PANTHEON FREELO NO SKILL", you'll get smashed in low elo if you can't play the map and snowball a lane. Forget Pantheon. Oh and this isn't coming from myself only, I got this argumentation from one of the best onetrick Pantheon players in the world; Catchdown, former top 10 Challenger player.
  9. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Don't worry about it, that's normal for new players. Just try everything out and see for yourself what you like most. Only then you should focus on selecting 1 or 2 roles and try to get a pool of about 4-5 champions and try to climb. Read guides on laning, pathing, etc I mained support for a looong time, usually Nautilus/Thresh in Gold elo until I didn't enjoy the role anymore because it started to become a less impactful role, so i transitioned to jungle. I played a lot of Ekko, Nocturne and Zac at Gold elo as well. Now I don't play ranked anymore and became a Pantheon onetrick. tl;dr figure out for yourself what you want to do and then try to climb
  10. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Makes me think of when I started league, not having a main role, playing random shit... .. . until I figured out I can only play Pantheon ;_;
  11. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    And you can catch a glimpse of Best Akali EUW Also: tl;dr Korea wins, freeSM to lose first game in knockout stage
  12. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    From reddit: Exactly 4 years ago Gambit won tiebreaker vs Samsung to move to quarters. Look at Samsungs team: Looper/Dandy/Dade/Imp/Mata, literally Looper and 4 of the top 15 best players of alltime and Gambit beat them TSM can only dream Also Darien Aatrox never forgetti
  13. League of Legends. Lets talk.

  14. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/worlds-2017-top-20/ >zven better than Uzi >bjergsen better than crown xD
  15. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Since Bjergsen is actually EU, the only real exceptional and consistent talent NA has ever produced by itself is Doublelift. In 7 seasons. kek Also disregarding season 1 because it was without korean teams, EU was in top 4 of worlds in: Season 2(CLG.EU and M5) Season 3(Fnatic) Season 5(Fnatic and Origen) Season 6(H2K a.k.a Forg1ven 1v2 lanekingdom) NA: ... .. . (did they not win that one IEM world championship that only had trash teams)

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