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  1. Yeah, something like that. hope @Darkshade sees this.
  2. Thanks for your kind welcome.
  3. Hello. I've been in this community for over a month now. It's time to say hello to you and write something about me. I come from Poland, I will soon be 28 years old and I am an employee of a hypermarket, I spend my free time after work in the game. As of this time, I have the Kanto, Hoeen, and Sinnoh regions complete. Now I'm struggling with the Unova region. My goal is to catch all available pokemons (I have caught 482 pokemons at the moment). What are my hopes for the game? Finding a bigger Polish community in the game (I can count players from my country on my fingers). Best regards and have a nice day.
  4. In the game, you can get the R team, Magma, Aqua and Plasma outfits. The only thing I miss is the entire Pokemon Ranger set. Below I put a few found graphics.
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