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  1. For email issues please raise a support ticket here under the Email Issue section - https://support.pokemmo.eu/ Thanks, have a good day!
  2. There are no penalties for failing to report other players, and you can read the reason for your penalty right by logging into your account. If you have already appealed, wait patiently for their response, doing this will not speed up the process. Please also leave an English Translation when using these forums. -------------------------------------------- Por favor apele a través de esta sección: http://support.pokemmo.eu/ No se emiten penalizaciones por no reportar a otros jugadores, y puede leer la razón de su penalización jus
  3. For Technical Support please raise a ticket under the "Technical Support" Section here; https://support.pokemmo.eu/ Thanks have a good day!
  4. There are tournaments etc for teams, we hold a Team Tournament monthly where teams compete for prizes and have a ladder / leaderboards. There are also a plethora of community hosted events for Teams such as battles, catching events etc. The primary function of the Teams in PokeMMO is to provide more capability for people to be social with their group of friends and communicate with others, which is achieved. As for things such as vs or battles, these are often hosted unofficially by the community. You can view more about the Team Tournaments here;
  5. Hi there, Welcome to PokeMMO! We hope you enjoy your stay c: If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me or one of the other Staff Members.
  6. Hi there, Only certain assets of the game can be customized / changed. You can read more about that here; This thread also goes into detail about how to edit certain files etc. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi there, For technical issues please make a ticket under the "Technical Issue" Support Request subsection; https://support.pokemmo.eu/ We'll reply as soon as we can. Have a good day!
  8. Like stated above; under the current way Theme Customization is implemented, you aren't able to edit dimensions etc of existing elements such as sidebars and windows, or introduce new ones. Mods also only accept changes to already existing elements or allow changes / additions to sprites/music etc. You can see more in this thread; I hope this helps, the current GUI editing guides are quite outdated and I might actually work on creating a new one myself, but yeah as for your question; there is sadly no way to do this.
  9. Hi there, Yeah I came across this too. If you go to main-widgets.xml, there is a class called nameplategui and then a class called nameplate, you should see at the bottom of that class a font identified as alphabeta-border. (providing you haven't changed this already and you are using the default theme) You can replace that font with any other fontDef listed in fonts.xml, and you can also add your own fonts to fonts.xml and then replace the alphabeta-border with the one you want. This means you can make the nameplate font unique, so it shouldn'
  10. Hi there, You're most likely at the wrong port, in Celestia City its the second to last port all the way to the left side. It looks something like this; Hope this helps!
  11. The Mane Event Date Saturday, 24th April 2021 Time 4PM UTC | 12PM ET | 9AM PST (Time Zone Converter) Location Valley Windworks, Sinnoh, Channel 1 Duration 1 hour for catching. another 10 minutes for players to submit entries. Pokémon accepted as valid entries Shinx Nature Bonus Jolly + 5 Adamant + 3 Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Rules To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high
  12. Hola, si aún no lo has hecho, intenta iniciar sesión con los detalles de tu cuenta del juego, ya que el equipo de soporte usa tus credenciales del juego en lugar de las credenciales del foro. - Espero que esto ayude, que tengas un buen día Hi, if you haven't already, attempt logging in with your in-game account details as Support uses your in-game credentials rather than the forum credentials. Hope this helps have a nice day!
  13. M1 Mac is not currently officially supported by PokeMMO. You can watch the update logs - hopefully in the future an M1 Compatible Client will be available, but for now we cannot provide official support for M1 Macs. Hope you understand, sorry for the inconvenience. Have a good day!
  14. Raffle is over! The winner is JudSanity! Congratulations! Thanks everybody for participating. Big thanks to @SWPlayer for hosting this raffle!
  15. Will be drawing the winner shortly, good luck everyone!
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