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  1. @AnonymousPoke @nurver9 so to start off i never meant to offend you guys at all, i think this was just a big misunderstanding honestly. i started this concept because i loved pokemon when i was a kid, then me and lacei found this game and it was really fun to play. but i really didn't like looking at the UI lol. i'm a UI/UX designer and i've done stuff like this before in the past with music players and websites where i'd just completely redesign them for fun and never done anything with it. the projects would just sit on my computer because i legit just do them as time wasters, i personally think its pretty fun to have little projects like this. it was completely just for fun and i would've never posted it anywhere if it wasn't for lacei encouraging me to put it on the forums. then from there in my head i was like "wow i made something pretty cool here maybe this can actually be in the game one day". then i kid you not i worked on making the theme in game for 2 hours and just stopped because i didn't like the framework lol. i'm big on web developing and i love doing html, css, js projects. making the theme in game just wasn't fun for me at all, which was the whole point i started this to just have fun. on top of that i had just started college and i was very busy with work so i definitely drifted far from this entirely. and i don't know if you can tell but i'm pretty introverted, i've never written one thing myself entirely on this form (besides this post lol) because i'm not really a good writer haha. lacei was a big help on that part. i had so many ideas about the ui functionality and im not going to lie i just didn't know how to implement them in the actual game haha. so i'm sorry if i gave off the vibes that this was ever gonna become a "theme" or whatever in the actual game because realistically i never intended for it to be. but regardless i'm glad the concept inspired you to work on Exemplar, i haven't fully checked it out but it looks like you guys are doing big things and i hope it goes far! i know i couldn't do anything close to that, and that's why i started working on the web page with all the ideas i had in mind for my concept because i'm pretty knowledgeable in web development. i really like working on it, and every month or so i come back to the web page just to play around with it for fun. hopefully i can use it in my portfolio one day! haha but again i'm sorry for this misunderstanding and good luck to you guys. 🙂
  2. Update v0.1.1 -Added responsive collapsing party
  3. I haven't really been doing the updates in an organized way, so I guess this is just Update 0.1.0 - Added the ability to resize/collapse UI menus even more, allowing the user to make it taller/shorter, can be pretty useful when doing things such as EV training - Updated to Gen 8 sprites in the Summary - Added HD Item Icons - Switched Pokémon icons in the Party to Shuffle icons More updates to come.
  4. I'm planning on making multiple color schemes
  5. I've started working on implementing the concept as a theme. Here's an example of it in game:
  6. I tried adding you but it didn't work here's my discord: star#2086
  7. Hi there, As you can tell by the title I have recently been working on a UI Redesign Concept for PokeMMO. I have a lot of previous graphic design experience, and one of the fields I enjoy working on the most is GUI design. I really enjoy PokeMMO, however at times I feel that the UI can be frustrating to navigate, and although the current UI does fit with the game pretty well. I feel like it could be a lot more modernized, clean and generally more optimized for ease of access and better appearance, which is what I have attempted to do here. I first thought about making a theme, however after looking into it and reading some forum posts I realized that it would restrict a lot of what I was hoping to change, so I decided to make a full-blown concept instead for a new more engaging and pleasing UI. I would like to clarify that this is NOT a theme/mod It is only a concept and at the moment there is no way to FULLY implement this into the game. I am considering making a theme or possibly a mod that allows for the complete changes and additions I have made to be included properly, however that would take some time and research so I decided to get some feedback from the community first. Below are some of the screenshots of the concept UI as well as comparisons (mine on the left) with the current UI being used in the game. (I am in no way criticizing the current UI) however I do believe some things could be changed and optimized for a more user-friendly clean experience. The current UI does an amazing job at sticking with the classic retro Pokémon look, but in my opinion PokeMMO is growing into a more vast and complex game that incorporates the classic feeling of the original Pokémon games and also that of an amazing MMO and believe the UI should also branch towards that. Feel free to look through the screenshots, the UI is not fully completed and a lot of things are still in the works, (such as a Login Screen, Store Menu, Breeding Menu and more.) This is what I have completed so far; Pokémon Summary Character Inventory / Bag Hotbar / Toolbars Global Trade Link Trainer Card PC Deposit Box Party Bar Chat Box Minimap (New) Top Left Display Battle Screen I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions or general opinions from the community and let me know what you would like to see for future concepts! Full Redesign Battle Screen Pokémon Summary Character Inventory / Bag Trainer Card PC Deposit Box Party Bar Hotbar Toolbar Chat Box Minimap (New) Top Left Display Global Trade Link I should also say that the concept UI at the moment uses a blue accent, but I would make this user-customizable for a range of colors (including dark). I am also considering on making a webpage of sorts that will showcase the full UI and allow users to interact with it as they would in game, this would help showcase the changes I have made behind the scenes along with animations and any new updates I make, let me know if that's something you would be interested in. Thanks for reading!
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