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  1. Update v0.1.1 -Added responsive collapsing party
  2. I haven't really been doing the updates in an organized way, so I guess this is just Update 0.1.0 - Added the ability to resize/collapse UI menus even more, allowing the user to make it taller/shorter, can be pretty useful when doing things such as EV training - Updated to Gen 8 sprites in the Summary - Added HD Item Icons - Switched Pokémon icons in the Party to Shuffle icons More updates to come.
  3. I'm planning on making multiple color schemes
  4. I've started working on implementing the concept as a theme. Here's an example of it in game:
  5. I tried adding you but it didn't work here's my discord: star#2086
  6. Hi there, As you can tell by the title I have recently been working on a UI Redesign Concept for PokeMMO. I have a lot of previous graphic design experience, and one of the fields I enjoy working on the most is GUI design. I really enjoy PokeMMO, however at times I feel that the UI can be frustrating to navigate, and although the current UI does fit with the game pretty well. I feel like it could be a lot more modernized, clean and generally more optimized for ease of access and better appearance, which is what I have attempted to do here. I first thought about making a
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