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  1. It was a video that was about the top 10 online Pokémon games to play and the YouTuber stated how PokeMMO was the only one on this list to ever survive a cease and desist from Nintendo. I don't recall the video but it was something among those lines.
  2. I was watching a YouTuber earlier today discuss about how PokeMMO is the only Pokemon game to ever survive a cease and desist, is that true? It's really interesting to hear about
  3. May I ask what mod you're using to make the icons the faces of the Pokémon? (The one on the right)
  4. If this is done and is possible, it'd give me an incentive to jailbreak my iOS device
  5. Why do people call the currency PokeYen instead of just dollars or PokeDollars? Am I missing anything?
  6. Would like to see this but I doubt it since they're working on more important things
  7. Really want to see this implemented, no reason to not have it in. Would also give me more of an incentive to go into my secret base.
  8. Best advice I can possibly give you is to pay attention to each horde that pops up, but shiny hunt while you're doing something else and have the area be easy to access that way you can use the Pokemon center to refill the PPs of Sweet Scent and go back to the horde grass patch.
  9. Woop Woop, too bad its Adamant D: still my favorite shiny and my prized possession
  10. Thank you! I appreciate it a lot!
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