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  1. In-Game Name: Tacomann Country: USA Preferred Tiers: OU, UU Personal Note: I'm relatively new to the PokeMMO scene but I have been playing in Smogon tournaments for years. Please don't be afraid to reach out. Discord Tag: Tacoman#3380
  2. https://pokepast.es/fcc3ee93d544f032 I decided to make my team around Knock Off Weavile. It's a well known fact that knock off got no hoes when it was down, but when the devs gave it some clout and a 45 point buff, the groupies and clout chasers won’t leave it alone. I say no fair, the ride or dies will be using knock off in gen 5. Teambuilding process: I wanted to go with a hazard stack team where I felt knock off’s effects can be amplified by hazard damage which synergizes with many momentum stacking pivot moves. Weavile I started off with LO Weavile. Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, and Night Slash are powerful moves. I opted for knock off > pursuit because I feel Knock off can be quite splashable early on. If the opponent switches, you can ko their item. Or if you predict wrong, you can still get their item before being punished. Forretress Forretress is the best spiker in UU so I went with the spikes switch pivot with rapid spin and gyro ball if the opportunity arose. It also has a good matchup against Crobat. Gligar I went with Gligar as the stealth rocker. Its typing has good synergy with Weavile and Forretress, plus it can pivot with u-turn, keeping on the pressure. It can also handle rotom-h Crobat I love Crobat and its a fantastic wall and Utility mon. It walls fighting mons in the tier and beats them down with brave bird. Catching mons with Taunt is always nice as well. Porygon-Z PZ is one of the best special attackers out there. It is extremely powerful and is something to get big hits to crippled teams or even fall back on in a pinch. Great mon with great moves and abilities. Medicham Medicham is the last mon I fit on my team. I was debating between it or Heracross, but I thought a scarfer was much needed so It lead me to Cham. High power and I speed is a mon I need.
  3. I agree, or they can just simply orange cone the kanto part off like they did with black city/white forest
  4. Tacomann


    Awesome idea. the pvp realm needs a lot of work
  5. So you're a stall player right?
  6. Team Name: Sharp Cheddar Team Tag: CHSE Registered Players: Tacomann, Moozarell, MinMaro, Deepfriedroiz Team Captain: Tacomann
  7. Looking for a UU player on my team. We got ou and nu covered. Dm me
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