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  1. 21 boxes will be few, since I and other people, 1. we breed competitive and 2. we look for pokemons per egg, when buying a large quantity of Dittos they fill up very quickly if they do not expand the box, such as those who collect shinys or pokemons with particle I already created an account just to save Dittos and Pokemons with particle because the main one is full
  2. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Players: RealDevilLegend, AkaruKokuyo, NagaHex, zMago, Killuminatis, JasonSparrowX, Zenenn, Makx, DarkQuiler, smbee, miguelrival, TojoYoyo, aspacee, xJoseee, neblinamist Captain: RealDevilLegend
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