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  1. Except Scald and the momentum moves are not comparable.
  2. Sleep Clause wasn't a thing in PSL3 I don't know if anyone noticed, for Doubles that is. Didn't hear any complaints about it.
  3. When I make a team I just keep improving it till I get 20-0, then I know it's half decent and ladder with it further. Am currently at 11-0 with an ORAS OU team but it's a bit weak to Talonflame so probably gonna put Ancient Powda on my Heatran, in stead of HP Ice or Sub. edit: also this will always be the greatest replay of all time http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/oususpecttest-229594670
  4. This applies to any tier: There are reasons. The simple time investment it takes is enough of a reason. Not only does it mean players will take around 1-2 hours to play all their 3 matches, it also means they have to find a time to play 3 matches which is way harder than finding a timeframe to play 1 match. You're also acting like PSL is the only thing people will be doing when they log on. Some people only have a few hours a week to play the game, if they have to sacrifice half of that for the PSL it isn't that fun anymore. Not only that but this is a big tournament. You're not the only one on your team playing. If you get haxed, chances are one of your teammates got favorable hax. Which is why the 'best of 3 evens chances' is not applicable to a format like PSL, except for a hax heavy and surprise-reliant VGC. You are not 'out' of the league if you lose your match. Nor are you out of the league when you lose two matches, like Single -and Double Elimination tournaments. This is a long running tournament and that is why best of 3 is completely unnecessary for most tiers. I lost to hax, sure it sucks. But the same week Frexa got a turn one freeze on Heracross that helped him win a game. I made some mistakes in my own game too, I could've made plays that could let me win. Analyzing that sort of thing is how you get better. Even in Doubles this is the case. I've seen like 3 of your PSL Doubles battles and there were certainly plays you could've thought through more thoroughly, I hope you see that too. Focus on that rather than trying to get BO3 on every tier. I couldn't do a BO3 on Doubles because we already had a few weeks that were single matches. I would be considering it for PSL4 if it would ever happen.
  5. I really dislike this prize. Kinda disgusting that this is the only way to get people playing. Still goodluck with hosting.
  6. The tiebreaker is here! Game #1: DPP - Frexa vs Robofiend Game #2: UU - Frags vs DestructX Game #3: ADV - ThinkNice vs Barrage Important: Game #3 may not be played till game #1 and #2 are finished. There is no particular deadline but try to get these games in asap! pls put in OP
  7. The flinch didn't matter though, because the Gardevoir was slower than Excadrill. The early wake up was around the 30% chance and she did get haxed hard the first round with the ludi paracrit. some calcs 252 SpA Pixilate Mega Gardevoir Hyper Voice vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Excadrill: 121-143 (33.4 - 39.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO -2 252 Atk Landorus-T Superpower vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Excadrill: 214-254 (59.1 - 70.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
  8. She kept her cool although she got haxed so fucking much and got back from a 4-2. Beauty of VGC
  9. He did have reasons. If Egg wants to post about it he is free to do so, but I can't tell you his reasons without permission.
  10. Managers have been contacted and once they decided their tie breaker matches it will be posted here. Anyway close finals I love it. GG Shits Name edit: if only Noad would look at this thread
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