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  1. RIP my friend gone but not forgotten

  2. RIP in pieces my friend.

  3. Except Scald and the momentum moves are not comparable.
  4. When I make a team I just keep improving it till I get 20-0, then I know it's half decent and ladder with it further. Am currently at 11-0 with an ORAS OU team but it's a bit weak to Talonflame so probably gonna put Ancient Powda on my Heatran, in stead of HP Ice or Sub.   edit: also this will always be the greatest replay of all time http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/oususpecttest-229594670
  5. Just to make this 'official' we agreed on the weekend. How does Saturday 6-7PM EDT sound?

    1. Barrage


      Hey, sorry I didn't see this. I messaged you on Skype earlier but I guess you never logged on. Are you available tomorrow?

  6. Sorry for the late quote, muted and all   In mid-late 2013 I made a very big post in GD that was about updates. Although, it actually wasn't . It was about the way or rather lack of communication from staff members to us. I tried, to find it. I don't know why it got deleted. I've searched here and in trash but it's not there anymore. In any case, I was talking about exactly these points. And this was what, almost two years ago? Did something change? Yeah, for the first two months after that post things changed, then it got back to 'normal' again. It hasn't changed for two years even whe
  7. I can go today, else it will be Saturday/Sunday somewhere in the afternoon/evening GMT+2

  8. IM GONNA CALL 911 I love how some people get so agitated by a simple joke.
  9. But with this we can actually track and proof that the shiny encounter rate is not 1/8192   -1
  10. "ThinkNice has posted a new status update."

    1. ThinkNice


      I accidentally added a comment while I was trying to reply to Noad's comment, deleted it afterwards

    2. Goldeneyes


      You need to fix your status updating skils, Think.

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