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  1. RIP my friend gone but not forgotten

  2. RIP in pieces my friend.

  3. Except Scald and the momentum moves are not comparable.
  4. Sleep Clause wasn't a thing in PSL3 I don't know if anyone noticed, for Doubles that is. Didn't hear any complaints about it.
  5. When I make a team I just keep improving it till I get 20-0, then I know it's half decent and ladder with it further. Am currently at 11-0 with an ORAS OU team but it's a bit weak to Talonflame so probably gonna put Ancient Powda on my Heatran, in stead of HP Ice or Sub. edit: also this will always be the greatest replay of all time http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/oususpecttest-229594670
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