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  1. Altering cave has many cycles, but i want to find a bagon in kanto's altering cave and have no clue of any cycles. Can someone please tell me how the cycles work and how to encounter a bagon cycle?
  2. ah okay. its my first time and got them just incase :p
  3. i mean, im using my storyline team which are in their 70s. so like... im not too much use either
  4. sick lets get straight into the elfbot stuff. i got my team ready
  5. anyone wanna link instantly after server back on, my name is GraciousGlaceon
  6. i can't wait for the servers to come back up, my first ever update and im hyped
  7. probably the presents sent to gtl in the first 10 seconds the game started back up
  8. OOF, i just started hoenn so cant travel back to kanto, le depression
  9. how do we get the hat, the presents and other features?
  10. i know, i'm just saying if it does then ... and again, please explain how the event works
  11. Man, if johto is release (rumors it would come today or tomorrow) i will be so sad since i just moved to hoenn. and can someone please explain the event to me, its my first time
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